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Eiffel Tower goes dark in unity with London

The Eiffel Tower is going dark in mourning and solidarity with Britain after a deadly attack around the British Parliament.

Jesus’ restored tomb is unveiled, well in time for Easter

JERUSALEM — Renovations at Christianity’s holiest site — carried out over the past nine months — were finally unveiled Wednesday in a ceremony that brought together rival Christian denominations and ushered in a new era for pilgrims wanting to get closer to their savior.

Arctic sea ice dips to record low for winter

The frigid top of the Earth just set yet another record for low levels of sea ice in what scientists say is a signal of an overheating world.

Germany’s new strategy for terror suspects? Kick them out, even if they were born there

The German government plans to deport two men investigated for allegedly planning a terrorist attack — even though both were born in Germany and they were not charged.

North Korean missile explodes seconds after launch

TOKYO — A North Korean missile fired Wednesday morning exploded within seconds of launch, the South Korean and American militaries said, a reassuring sign for allies worried about the speed at which the country’s weapons program has been progressing.

Tensions ease as US carrier enters, then leaves strait

American sailors watched as the first Revolutionary Guard vessels appeared on the horizon of the Strait of Hormuz, beginning a daylong face-off that has become familiar to both Iranian paramilitary and U.S. naval forces that pass through the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf.

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// Romney’s health care legacy under attack, just like Obama’s

Mitt Romney shouldn’t let his party disassemble his greatest accomplishment.

Antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes


// A rampant prescription, a hidden peril

Federal data obtained by the Globe show many nursing homes make heavy use of antipsychotic drugs to pacify residents.

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