// How the Spotlight Team got inside Massachusetts’ secret court system

There’s an obvious obstacle to reporting on the inner workings of Massachusetts’ “secret court” system: It’s secret.

// State leaders call for transparency in closed-door criminal hearings

Officials were responding to a Globe Spotlight report that detailed how secret criminal hearings resulted in some suspects not facing charges for serious crimes — even though police had substantial evidence.

Adrian Walker

// Time to open up the state’s ‘Secret Courts’ — or end them completely

According to a Globe Spotlight report, thousands of cases in Mass. are decided behind closed doors in proceedings conducted by clerk magistrates. That archaic system must be reformed.


// Spotlight report on court clerks reveals system needs public scrutiny

This weekend, the Globe’s Spotlight Team drew much-needed attention to a little-noticed corner of Massachusetts’ criminal justice system.

Episode 1

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Isabella Stewart Gardner’s loss, echoing through the years

The most captivating person connected to the theft of 13 treasures from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the largest unsolved art heist in history, is neither a suspect nor a detective. It’s Gardner.

Episode 2

Matthew Cavanaugh for the Globe

Was it an inside job?

We’re taking a closer look at Rick Abath, the man who was keeping watch at the Gardner Museum that night and opened the doors to the thieves.

More on the heist

// Boston’s last, great unsolved mystery

The Globe has re-examined the case continuously over the past three decades. View the lost masterpieces, watch how the thieves broke in, and review the probe.

The world, the stage, the way ahead

Hamilton, MA -- 3/06/2018 - At the technical rehearsal for semi-finals, Deb and the actors from the Peabody Veterans Memorial High School drama club disbanded after posing for a group photo. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: Reporter: Jenna Russell

Lost and alone, Deb made a decision to reclaim the only home she’d ever had, whatever the risk.

// Stranger in the house

Most home health aides offer vital care to the frail and aged. But some have other designs, leaving too many clients vulnerable to theft and worse. It is a crisis largely unseen, one which state authorities have done little about.

// The life and rise of Ayanna Pressley

Long before her stunning win Tuesday, unseating a 10-term congressman with just about the entire party establishment on his side, Pressley’s was an against-the-odds story. Time and again, she has toppled expectations, surprising everyone but those who know her best.

// Ethnicity not a factor in Elizabeth Warren’s rise in law

An exhaustive review bolsters Warren’s assertion that her claim to Native American heritage did not help her win academic jobs, even though there is evidence Harvard took advantage of it after she was hired.

// Boston’s schools are becoming resegregated

An alarming pattern of racial segregation has re-emerged in the Boston Public School system over the last two decades, according to a Globe analysis.

More Globe investigations

// Boston’s new luxury towers appear to house few local residents

Units in the towers are owned mostly by part-time residents or by shell companies, a report says, fueling worries that locals have been priced out of the housing market.

// Crumbling concrete, leaking roofs, and busted elevators: the state of the T

Nearly 60 percent of MBTA stations and garages are rated as being in need of major repairs, according to a preliminary assessment the agency conducted of its properties.

// In the biotech hurly-burly, a cautionary tale

For the CEO of a biotech startup, there may be no bigger asset than a compelling sales pitch. Frank Reynolds had a great one.

// Hope for new macular degeneration treatments buoys patients

Scientists are experimenting with dozens of new treatments, including about 20 in clinical trials, to combat an eye disease that afflicts more than 9 million Americans.

// Bed sores, neglect, alleged abuse: inside the Bedford VA nursing home

The nursing home, where one resident died while a nearby aide played video games, is one of 11 veterans nursing homes to get the lowest possible score for quality and surprise inspections.

The Globe's investigative journalism

Celebrating The Boston Globe's first Pulitzer Prize in 1966 were, from left (front row): Bob Healy, Washington bureau chief; Tom Winship, editor; (back row) reporters Joseph M Harvey; Martin Nolan; Anson “Bud” Smith; Richard Connolly; and editorial page editor Charles Whipple.

Globe File/1966

A distinguished history of digging up the truth

A short history of investigative reporting at The Boston Globe. It’s played a defining role in the pages of this newspaper since the 1960s.

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Inside 'Spotlight'

// The movie and the investigations

A look at The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, its award-winning investigative coverage, and the movie based on its reporting on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Previous Globe Investigations

Investigative reporting can take months, but the impact is often dramatic. Read recent reports below.


The Boston Marathon bombings (2013)


Coverage of two blasts that shook the city, killing 3 and injuring at least 170, and the ensuing manhunt resulting in the death of a MIT police officer, the death of one suspect, and the capture of another.

Spotlight: Private schools, painful secrets (2016)

Spotlight: Clash in the Name of Care (2015)


Should a surgeon run two operations at once?

It is the root question in a battle pitting a star surgeon against a great hospital, MGH, and the conflict has put careers and reputations at risk.

Fishy business (2012)

Restaurants substituted tuna (left) with escolar (right), a less expensive fish that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Dec. 2, 2012

A 2011 Globe investigation found widespread seafood mislabeling at Massachusetts stores and restaurants. A 2012 follow-up investigation found not much has changed.