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The Voynich manuscript, a famously mysterious medieval text, has been decoded. Or has it?

A Cambridge expert says she has doubts about claims that the secrets of the mysterious Voynich manuscript have been unlocked.

Better watch out, future lunar colonists. There are quakes up there

In the future, someone on a moon base may look up from their computer screen and feel the rumblings of a moonquake.

Newspapers are on the decline. Could that be fueling partisan politics?

Recent research examining split-ticket voting, where people vote for candidates of different parties in different races on their ballots, suggests that may be the case.

Scientists find 1,000-year-old pouch in the Bolivian Andes containing traces of hallucinogens

The ancient pouch was made of three fox snouts and filled with ingredients to make the potent psychotropic substance ayahuasca.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says he’ll send a spaceship to the moon

Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos said Thursday he’s going to send a spaceship to the moon, joining a resurgence of lunar interest half a century after people first set foot there.

Meet the T. rex cousin you could literally look down on

History’s most frightening dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex, came from a long line of pipsqueaks.


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