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Maurice Bluestein, 76; modernized the windchill index

Dr. Bluestein and Randall Osczevski, a Canadian scientist, set out in 2001 to perfect the measure and make it more reliable.

NASA’s asteroid chaser swings by Earth en route to space rock

Osiris-Rex, which needed Earth’s gravity as a slingshot to put it on a path toward Bennu, passed within about 11,000 miles of the home planet Friday.

Graphic: What’s the best way to nap?

Lately napping has garnered new respect, thanks to solid scientific evidence that midday dozing benefits both mental acuity and overall health.

NASA’s Cassini burns up over Saturn, ending 20-year trek

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft disintegrated in the skies above Saturn early Friday in a final, fateful blaze of cosmic glory.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft at Saturn nears fiery finale

Cassini was on course to plunge through Saturn’s atmosphere and vaporize like a meteor.

Scientists: Ash tree species pushed to brink of extinction

Five prominent species of ash tree in the eastern U.S. have been driven to the brink of extinction from years of lethal attack by a beetle, a scientific group says.


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