Latest Science headlines

An ancient horse was found in Pompeii’s ashes, as well as a street of grand houses

More windows into ancient times have been opened by recent discoveries at the site.

Is someone secretly producing gas that harms the ozone layer?

Government scientists have detected an increase in emissions of such a gas. And they’re worried that it could could slow progress in restoring the atmosphere’s protective ozone layer.


Greater Boston author readings May 20-26

A weekly calendar of literary events.


Pennsylvania’s Amish community is caught in a bind

The Amish pool resources for their medical care. A budget-busting gene therapy is taxing the community’s resources.

SpaceX’s upgraded rocket soars with satellite for Bangladesh

SpaceX lifted Bangladesh’s first satellite into orbit Friday using an upgraded rocket designed for dozens of repeat flights including back-to-back, same-day launches.

Scientists may have solved the mystery of why the leaning tower of Pisa hasn’t fallen down during an earthquake

Why hasn’t the leaning tower of Pisa fallen down, despite all the strong earthquakes in the area over the centuries? Scientists say they answer is in the soil.