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How climate change will cause more simultaneous disasters

Global warming is posing such wide-ranging risks to humanity that by the end of this century some parts of the world could face up to six climate-related crises at the same time, researchers say.

Why Finland is so good at handling forest fires. Hint: It’s not because of raking

Finland has one of the world’s most successful strategies to counter wildfires, and it is now being more closely examined in other nations recently struck by large-scale fires.

Massive Ice Age asteroid crater discovered beneath Greenland

Scientists have discovered an impact crater large enough to swallow Paris.

Boston Children’s Hospital study may add to case supporting low carb diet

The study of a group of overweight adults who had recently lost weight found that eating fewer carbs increased the number of calories they burned.

The kilogram is changing. Weight, what?

Until now, a kilogram’s mass has been defined by the granddaddy of all kilos: a golf ball-sized metal cylinder locked in a vault in France.

Leavens her list with something spiritual

Lisa Genova’s latest novel is “Every Note Played’’ about a pianist with Lou Gehrig’s disease.


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