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This tiny skeleton found in Chile might look like an alien’s, but genetics studies are uncovering the tragic, true story

A tiny skeleton found in Chile might look like it comes from out of this world, but her genes tell a different, sad story.


Computer science faces an ethics crisis. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves it.

Dynamite and the atomic bomb led to soul-searching among chemists and physicists. Computer scientists have not yet witnessed negative consequences of their work — and behave accordingly.

Humanely told stories of lives saved and lost

A critical-care doctor’s memoir looks at the miracles and limits of medicine and the nature of life itself.

Asteroid probably came from two-star system

The asteroid discovered in October is the first confirmed object in our solar system that originated elsewhere.

The FDA wants to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes

The FDA says it wants to make cigarettes minimally addictive or nonaddictive.

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A look back at Stephen Hawking’s visits to the Boston area

The celebrated British physicist Stephen Hawking, who died in England on Wednesday, was no stranger to the Boston area. Here are some highlights of his visits.


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A live stream of Instagram posts from The Boston Globe photo department.