Jackson is said to have recklessly prescribed drugs, crashed government vehicle while drunk

FILE - In this Jan. 16, 2018, file photo, White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson speaks to reporters during the daily press briefing in the Brady press briefing room at the White House, in Washington. Now it’s Washington’s turn to examine Jackson. The doctor to Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump is an Iraq War veteran nominated to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

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Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, is under increasing scrutiny.

The Supreme Court

Key Supreme Court justices appear friendly to travel ban

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy seemed largely unmoved by the argument that President Trump exceeded his authority with the ban.

It didn’t take long before it was declared “le bromance” between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

There were a lot of awkward moments in the Trump-Macron visit. Here are some of them

From President Trump briefly holding hands with the French president to apparent brush-offs by Melania Trump, here’s a look at some awkward moments.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft reportedly criticized Trump in a secret NFL meeting last fall

“We have a president who will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interests of America,” Kraft said of player protests during the anthem, according to The New York Times.

A family spokesman says former president George H.W. Bush is out of intensive care after being hospitalized a day after his wife’s funeral.

George Bush is out of ICU, alert; doctors pleased

The nation’s 41st president has been hospitalized since Sunday, a day after the funeral for Barbara Bush, his wife of 73 years.

Senator Ed Markey spoke at a news conference last month.

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Ed Markey calls on nuclear regulators to protect plants against rising seas

Senator Ed Markey expressed “serious concerns” about how Pilgrim plans to store spent fuel.

Local politics

Lawmakers reject Seaport joint policing, but idea may not be dead

One state legislator said he’s comfortable leaving it to Governor Charlie Baker’s administration and the Boston police to reach an agreement.

George Bush is out of ICU, alert; doctors pleased

The nation’s 41st president has been hospitalized since Sunday, a day after the funeral for Barbara Bush, his wife of 73 years.

Republicans unsettled by narrow win in Arizona

The GOP held onto an Arizona US House seat they would have never considered endangered in any other year.

Trump signals openness to a ‘new deal’ to constrain Iran

Hosting President Macron of France, President Trump said he could agree to an Iran deal renegotiated by US and European officials if it was strong enough.

Globe reporters

Recent work from Boston Globe political reporters.


Frank Phillips


Frank Phillips is the State House bureau chief. He has covered politics for decades for the Boston Globe.

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Stephanie Ebbert has been a local news reporter for the Globe since 1997 with a focus on politics

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Akilah Johnson has been a reporter with the Globe since 2010, covering neighborhoods, Boston’s mayor’s race, and the crosscurrents of race and ethnicity in the city.

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Joshua Miller covers politics for the Globe. A Massachusetts native and graduate of Bowdoin College, Miller worked in Washington, D.C., before joining the paper in 2013.

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James Pindell is a political reporter for the Boston Globe.

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Evan Horowitz digs through data to find information that illuminates the policy issues facing Massachusetts and the US.