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    A look at some of James Comey’s clips from his college newspaper

    Long before he became a best-selling author, former FBI director James Comey was an aspiring news reporter and columnist for his college paper, where he tested his abilities as a provocateur who could trigger debate over heated subjects of the day.

    The topics he tackled on the Virginia campus of the College of William and Mary in the early 1980s were sometimes quite substantial: He wrote penetrating articles about the need to attract more black students to the school and called for greater attention to the issue of campus rape.

    But in other opinion columns for the paper, called The Flat Hat, he betrayed a certain cockiness, a level of ambition that some in Washington might recognize today. And the tone of his musings sometimes was, to be blunt, sophomoric.


    Here’s a look at some of the pieces Comey penned for the student newspaper.