Clinton points to Comey intervention, ‘sexism,’ in 2016 loss

Hillary Rodham Clinton signed copies of her book "What Happened" at a book store in New York Tuesday.
Seth Wenig/Associated Press
Hillary Rodham Clinton signed copies of her book "What Happened" at a book store in New York Tuesday.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says she wants to bring attention to “endemic sexism and misogyny” in addition to her mistakes during the campaign with her newly-released book, “What Happened.”

In a TODAY Show interview, Clinton touched on a number of topics with hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie including the Russia investigation, the FBI’s probe into her use of a private e-mail server, and the Benghazi scandal.

“It started out just for me, just trying to come to grips with what happened,” she said. “In addition to the mistakes that I made, which I recount in the book, what about endemic sexism and misogyny, not just in politics but in our society? What about the unprecedented action by the FBI director?” she said.


Pressed on how big of a factor the James Comey letter to Congress was, Clinton pointed to it as the main reason for her loss.

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“I think the determining factor was the intervention by Comey on October 28th,” Clinton said.

“But for that intervention, I would have won.”

The former FBI director wrote a letter to members of Congress just days before the election detailing his intention to revisit newly discovered e-mails from Clinton’s private server. Clinton contends that the disclosure should never have been made so close to an election. She pointed to the lack of disclosure by the FBI that the Trump campaign was under investigation for possible ties to Russia.

“We didn’t know about that before the election,” Clinton said.


But she stopped short of claiming that President Trump or his associates colluded with Russia to influence the election.

“Matt, I can’t say that. That’s what this investigation is to determine,” she said of the Mueller probe.

She said she tried to lay out in the book information that she thinks “should trouble” Americans about the Russia probe.

“There was a lot of interesting coincidences between what people associated with Trump were saying at the time and what later came to pass,” she said.

Clinton said if she had been elected, she would have “stopped at nothing to make sure this never happened again to anybody.”

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