A film festival, tree planting, and vintage video games

"Zagros," a film telling the tale of a Kurdish shepherd driven mad by doubts when his his pregnant wife is accused of infidelity, will have its East Coast premiere June 18 as part of Belmont World Film's bonus "Justice for All’’ series.

On the heels of an international film series, Belmont World Film will host a bonus round of films, “Justice for All,” to bring attention to social injustices around the world. The series opens Monday, June 11 with the New England premiere of “The Venerable W,” a documentary about the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. “Zagros,” a feature telling the fictitious tale of a Kurdish shepherd driven mad by doubts when his family accuses his pregnant wife of infidelity, will have its East Coast premiere June 18. On June 25, in commemoration of World Refugee Day, the series concludes with the East Coast premiere of “A Season in France,” a feature set against the backdrop of the ongoing refugee crisis in that country. The screenings will be held at Studio Cinema, 376 Trapelo Road. Tickets in advance are $11 general admission and $9 for students and seniors. To register or for information, visit www.belmontworldfilm.org , or call 617-484-3980.

Wellesley’s Natural Resources Commission is accepting requests from homeowners who would like to have a town tree planted on their property. The trees will be planted by the Department of Public Works and cared for by homeowners. The goals of the project are to add beauty to the town, improve air quality, reduce erosion, and maintain Wellesley property values and quality of life. Every year, the town plants about 300trees and shrubs within its borders. This year, several types of trees are available, including sugar maple, shingle oak, and eastern redbud. To be considered for the program, e-mail nrc@wellesleyma.gov.

A Pac Man machine currently has a bid of over $2,000 after having been listed at $150 in Sudbury's online vintage video game auction. The last day for the auction is June 15.

For those looking for a fun blast from the past, Sudbury town officials have just what you need with a vintage arcade machines auction. The town’s Park and Recreation Department is holding an online auction for the 12 arcade games — including Pac Man, Dance Dance Revolution, Challenger, Rush’n Attack, and Double Dribble — that sit idle in the Jean Lind Teen Center at the Fairbank Community Center. Most of the games were posted with a starting price of $150, but interest in some of these collectibles has already caused bids to skyrocket. Pac Man is currently up over $2,000. Bidding ends at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 15 on the website Municibid. Money raised from the auction benefits the town of Sudbury. To make a claim on one or more of the games, visit https://municibid.com/Browse?FullTextQuery=sudbury.


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