Islington Center redevelopment moving forward

The Islington Center redevelopment is moving forward after Westwood Town Meeting approved three measures needed for the multimillion-dollar, public-private project that features new shops and housing as well as more parking and a renovated library and community center.

The redevelopment, estimated to take three years and cost more than $35 million, includes tearing down a former church that now houses a nursery school and community center, and replacing it with a replica with 18 condominiums and 13,000 square feet of commercial space.

The community uses will be relocated to a different building.


The May 30 Town Meeting debated the merits of the project extensively, and the first vote -- on whether to sell town land in Islington Square to developer Petruzziello Properties -- initially failed to get the necessary two-thirds approval. Voters asked for reconsideration and, after more debate, the measure passed 709 to 354.

Town Meeting next voted 676 to 315 to spend $3.5 million on moving and renovating Wentworth Hall, home to the Islington Branch Library, and then voted 652 to 237 to change zoning to allow commercial development on two residential lots in the area.

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