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Easton invites residents to ‘eat with strangers’

Think of it as a blind date — without the romantic intentions or entanglements. The Easton Human Rights Committee is sponsoring “Eat With Strangers,” an opportunity to sign up to eat at a local restaurant with people you don’t know.

The event is billed as a way to build community connections and break down barriers by the municipal committee charged with making Easton more unified and “free from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and disrespect.”

Easton residents can sign up to eat with strangers from Feb. 3 through Feb. 7 at a local restaurant. As of late January, the choices were lunches and dinners at the Stoneforge Grill, Shovel Town Brewery, and Corfino.


“You pick the date/time/location that works best for you,” the event’s flyer says. “Then just show up and have fun. Pay your own way. Keep the conversation light and enjoy meeting new people in town.”

The flyer also notes that the dining is intended for those in high school or older, and requires a minimum of four and maximum of 10 at each seating. For more information, go to the town website at and click on the Human Rights Committee page.

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