Keytar Bear is now a Snapchat filter

Snapchat screenshot via Peter Bailey-Wells/Globe Staff
Keytar Bear “visited” the Boston Globe office via a specialized filter on the photo application Snapchat.
Snapchat screenshot via Peter Bailey-Wells/Globe Staff

Boston’s favorite busker can now follow you around the city, appearing wherever you need him — Keytar Bear is on Snapchat.

The furry fan favorite pops up in a downloadable agumented reality filter on the mobile photo application, courtesy of Bare Tree Media, which introduced the effect in a video in March.

When applied, the AR filter, usable with a smartphone’s main camera, places Keytar Bear right in your environment, dancing and playing audible music. The filter also pipes in background noise, making it sound as if the character is busking in a busy MBTA station.


The effect, available on the Snap website, is accessible on your phone for 48 hours after you access it via its “snapcode.”

Peter Bailey-Wells

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