Coventry, Rhode Island -- 1/29/2018 - A child's toy is seen at the scene of a fatal fire where Ed Lorenzen, who was 47 and a longtime veteran of the federal budget process, died in the fire at his Coventry home along with his son, Michael. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: 30coventry Reporter:
A child's toywas seen at the scene of a fatal fire.
Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

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It was a night of horror, of heroism, and of tragedy. But six months after a house fire in Coventry killed a father and his little son, questions still outrun an answer to the biggest lingering question: Why didn’t they get out?

When 12-year-old Zacheri Lorenzen smelled smoke from his room in the basement of his father’s house, he climbed to the top of the stairs and opened the door. Before him was a terrifying sight: his 2-year-old sister Penny standing alone, staring up at a rising wall of flames.

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