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Readers write in about the Houston food scene, and sending their kids off to college.

Houston’s Hidden Gems for Foodies

I enjoyed reading Michael Andor Brodeur’s article (“Eat in the Heart of Texas,” March 17) about Houston’s food and art scenes. Good mix of things to do and things to eat. I was shocked that there wasn’t any mention of chicken fried steak! It is especially good for breakfast with eggs. My favorite meal in Texas and Oklahoma!

Sue Johnson


What the Future Holds

As the parent of twin seniors, the poignance of Stephen Burke’s March 17 Connections column is very familiar. After 18 years of hectic, messy, glorious parenting, we are all headed toward the yet-to-be known in September. Visits to various campuses have evoked both cool and delighted responses. My twins are waiting now to see where they may be spending the next four years of their lives. And we wait, too, hoping that they find their niche, their place in the world, while we adjust and settle in, post launch, to our own new reality.

Georgia K. Critsley


Not long after our oldest (of two) went off to college, we went out to eat one night. When asked how many, I automatically answered “four.” It took about five minutes before it dawned on me there were now just three. It’s a very bittersweet time of life.


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I will never forget when my husband and I dropped our youngest at college. On our drive home, on a dreary, drizzly day, we stopped at a Denny’s. The host said, “Just the two of you?” Ouch. Yes. Just two.


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