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Readers share their thoughts on uncooperative house guests and a cerebral Cupid column.

Family Feud

It’s an easy fix [for the Miss Conduct (February 24) letter writer who doesn’t enjoy trips to their vacation house with her boyfriend and his extended family]: go to the house with just your boyfriend . When you know [your boyfriend’s son] Matt and his girlfriend are coming, don’t — have a girls weekend or some alone time. Limit your interactions. Matt is a grown man and can make his own choice of partner but you get your choice of spending time with them.


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We are supposed to sympathize, but all that comes through is the letter writer’s judgmentalism about someone who, yes, is shallow and rude, but no more so than she herself. She should use her discomfort [with the son’s girlfriend] as an opportunity to practice love and acceptance.


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Meeting of the Minds

They had rather robotic responses talking about the date (Dinner with Cupid, February 24), but because of that, they should get together again. There aren’t going to be many chances to find this type of intellectual chemistry in the random dating world!


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Sounds like two very civil human beings who respect each other and enjoyed a brief moment in time. They just did not sense romantic chemistry. They both deserve an A for their dignified and thoughtful responses.


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