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Readers share their thoughts on the Women’s Beanpot, pornography on mainstream social media, and neighbor troubles.

Equal Representation

Why wouldn’t anyone have taken the time to mention (Your Week Ahead, February 3) that the Women’s Beanpot was the night following the men’s? The first Women’s Beanpot began 41 years ago, which was no small feat for a sport so poorly recognized overall. The Globe missed an opportunity to highlight a special achievement in our own backyard.

Kimberly Sullivan


Trouble with Pornography

Until there there are class-action lawsuits by parents and attorneys general, social media companies — Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter — will not tighten the reins on eliminating porn (Perspective, February 3). The burden needs to be placed on social platforms.

Edward C. Gentile


Neighborly Tension

Friends and neighbors don’t usually ban a child from their home without serious and repeated offenses (Miss Conduct, February 3). It sounds like something very serious has been going on for a while and they have finally taken action. I worry that [the letter writer]has been overlooking some pretty egregious behavior on her daughter’s part.


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This happened once to my kid and he fessed up that he was rude and bossy. We marched him back to the neighbor’s house and had him apologize. The other parents were very happy that we took control of the situation.

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