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    Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

    Readers write in about Dave Barry’s year-end wrap-up, the Globe’s picks for Bostonians of the Year, and more.

    Bidding Farewell to 2018

    I enjoy reading the Globe Magazine, and I especially liked the December 30 issue. From the compelling photo on the front cover to Connections at the back, it was well done. There is undeniable warmth in the eyes of Ayanna Pressley and Alex Cora, and their stories are full of realistic hope. These Bostonians of the Year [draw] us all to a better future while being realistic about the obstacles along the way. And “Dave Barry’s Year in Review” reminds me that we can laugh even in a frightening political season.

    Lawrence R. Bergstresser Concord

    Passing On

    I was pleasantly surprised to read the article by Jeannette Sanderson (Connections, December 30). I am Patrick, the older man that she referred to. I remember meeting Jeannette and her husband at the bar. She certainly has a very good memory of our conversation, wow! It is really special to know that a person my son and I just met briefly had such kind, heartfelt words to describe us.

    Patrick D. Mashoke Salem, New Hampshire

    Sanderson’s article was heartwarming, as I just lost my mom a few months ago. The first Christmas without her was bittersweet. Her beautiful silver, tablecloth, and special touches adorned the table. She would have been so happy that her traditions were carried on.

    Nancy Magarian Swampscott

    Boston’s Best


    I was struck by the article on Alex Cora (2018 Bostonians of the Year, December 30), and learned a lot about his passion and authenticity as a manager. I liked him more because of the values he surrounds himself with, giving back to the communities — which I think is all too rare in the sporting world. When the Red Sox won the World Series, photos showed the team celebrating: alcohol flowing, trophies in the air, plane shots, party shots, etc. I know this sounds silly, but all I could think about was the poor people, most likely of color, who would have to clean up after this crew.

    Nina Ong California

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    Excellent choice of honorees. The more we recognize those people of color who have registered significant accomplishments, the quicker we will establish a new norm: That we all are really equal.

    Steve Sawin Andover

    While I love when a glass ceiling is shattered and celebrate the accomplishments of Cora and Pressley, I believe the citizens of Lawrence deserve more than an honorable mention. I’m an early intervention clinician who does home visiting in Lawrence, and this community suffered so deeply with the aftereffects of the gas explosion. The recovery will take years. The resilience they show to get through every day and the amazing outpouring of support when the community came together in the aftermath is something we should all be proud of.

    Rose Sullivan Methuen

    I am so pleased that [the Globe Magazine] included Elizabeth Rowe in its list of Bostonians of the year. It takes courage to take on an institution like the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

    Patricia Hunt-Webber Natick

    Year-End Chuckles

    Dave Barry may no longer be writing a weekly column, but he still knows how to wring out the funniest parts of a pretty dismal year (“Dave Barry’s Year in Review,” December 30). Thanks for the laughs, especially where he skewers our politicians who not only lack a sense of humor, but also actively promote policies that are quite unfunny.

    Edwin Andrews Malden


    This year’s column was depressing to read. Usually Barry is funny, but this past year of political nonsense from the White House is just not laughable. He did reasonably well despite the slim pickings he had to work with.

    Irene LangWaltham

    The Perfect Date

    Thank you! Finally a positive and hopeful Dinner with Cupid outcome (“Snow People,” December 30)! If Phil and Caitlin go on to marry (no pressure) I feel I deserve an invite for my years of Sunday readership. #faithrestored

    Colleen Myers Walpole

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