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Readers write in about school dress codes, family ties, and more.

Dressing for Class

Being a middle-school teacher, I read Melissa Schorr’s article [about students fighting school dress codes] (Perspective, December 2) with great interest. She was dead on when she wrote that “reflexively fighting against all dress code violations brushes aside the reality that there is a time and a place for appropriate clothing.” The issue is not about body shaming, intelligence, or competence. The issue is about appropriateness.

Lisa Federici Reading

I am horrified to see my high school students wearing tube tops to school. What parent would allow this? For these girls to be encouraged into believing they are making a feminist statement is a mistake. This is not about what male students think. This is about female students knowing the difference between Salisbury Beach and English class.

Brigitte Beauchesne Dracut

When I was in high school (in the ’50s) boys were more apt to be disciplined because of dress code violations — they had to wear belts and shirts with a collar . I agree that our young people should be educated on how to dress for a job in the real world, including both boys and girls.

Anne Kenney Wakefield


At my Maryland public high school, a male student could be suspended for having hair that was “too long” or for wearing sandals without socks. “What do I want to wear today?” is a question that begins in the individual person. “What might happen if I wear this to school today?” is at the heart of the dilemma of socializing a person without breaking [his or her] spirit.

Bill Torcaso Cambridge

Family Traits

Please extend my appreciation to Jean Letai for her beautiful Connections story about family, aging, and love (December 2). It brought me to tears missing my parents who passed long ago, facing the reality of my grown children launched and independent. It’s a beautiful honor to her elderly parents and a blessing for her children.

Gail Kazin Sudbury

[Letai’s story] was delightful and heartwarming. Her style is wonderfully casual and humorous.

Pat Gorham Swampscott

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The Highlights

The December 9 Globe Magazine was particularly rewarding. Found Anthony Flint’s article “Unbuilt Boston” very interesting and Eric Maskin’s Perspective [on ranked-choice voting] helpful. Also love Adam Ried’s recipes. Thank you!

Frances Shedd-Fisher Brookline

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