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Thank you very much to Ellen Meeropol for a wonderful article regarding the art of correspondence (Connections, August 26). I am in my 50s and have a pen pal in her 90s. I will share the article with her the-old fashioned way!

Cindy Watson / Medford

My condolences [for Meeropol’s] loss. I, too, have an e-mail buddy that I have never met. We share everything, too.

jewelj / posted on


Those were nice recipes (Cooking, August 26), but why can’t we find a decent peach around here? It’s more the way the fruit has been handled instead of the fruit itself — refrigerating the fruit before it ripens so it never does. Stores around here do OK with winter fruit but are terrible with summer fruits. Farmers markets are great but very expensive. There should be a way to get summer fruit to grocery stores without ruining it.

Pam Kennedy / Cambridge



Great insight about relationships forged through sports (“A Boston Sports Bromance For The Ages,” August 26). The best coaches are basically the best teachers who care about winning but also about establishing a bond between player and coach that extends beyond the arena of competition — and yet has a direct effect on the success of the team. Much like a teacher/student relationship leading to a student’s academic success.

sleepin / posted on

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Just wanted to comment on Clare Lowell’s article on her mom’s use of the coffee grounds and eggshells in her garden (Connections, September 9). It brought back an old memory of my mom using the coffee grounds and eggshells on her hibiscus bush that she was having a difficult time getting to flower on the shores of Monponsett Lake in Halifax. The article gave me a wonderful memory of a simple act that brought a smile to my face. I think I might just use those simple ingredients in a simple vegetable garden next year!

Joan Lafond / Milton

Beautiful piece. A lovely flashback to the way things were.

Lynn Riggio / New York, New York

Lowell triggered memories of my own nasty-mouthed comments to my mother. At first, I was relieved knowing that some child besides me talked that way to their mother! And secondly, [for] the message she conveyed about motherhood and its forgiving nature toward one’s children.

Gwen Fournier / Boston

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