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Readers raise a red flag about a remembrance described in a Connections essay about a father’s funeral.

Celestial Offerings

A very sweet essay on remembering an uncle who died too young (Connections, May 6). Unfortunately, it may encourage a very bad practice: Helium balloons do not rise up to heaven to join deceased loved ones. They fall back to earth or into the ocean, where they are ingested by sea life. This is just one aspect of ocean pollution caused by humans.

Carina Campobasso Winthrop

This tale touched me deeply. For the writer’s innocent father, whose main wish and concern was to suppress his own desires, to attempt to somehow give his brother some “life,” was heartbreaking.

Laurie Moulis Hudson

I always look forward to the Connections article but the one in the May 6 issue was very poignant. Mary Pflum Peterson’s dad was very special and her remembrance of him brought tears to my eyes.

Elizabeth Chouinard Danvers

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