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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I had to . . . pretend I’m interested in craft beer’

    Will her disdain for his craft beer hobby make this date fall flat?

    Kinsey Drake and Dave Caggiano.

    KINSEY DRAKE: 22 / food chemistry student

    Her perfect Saturday: Multiple pizzas followed by a good sour beer on a rooftop bar

    Her hobbies: Fermenting food with reckless abandon (kombucha, cheese, anything goes!)


    DAVE CAGGIANO: 24 / EMT / comic

    On a desert island, he’d bring: Running shoes, comedy notebook, a strong double IPA

    When he is happiest: On stage and his punch lines are hitting

    7 P.M. Two Saints Tavern & Dos Diablos, Boston


    Kinsey I took a leisurely 20 minute walk from Copley.

    Dave I did absolutely nothing to prepare, I have nerves of steel.


    Kinsey We were early. He must be a Capricorn, as well.

    Dave Tardiness is for children.

    Kinsey He was wearing a floral shirt and seemed very fit.

    Dave She was wearing a pretty black dress. One of the staff said, “She’s pretty.” I concurred. She gave off a friendly, middle school teacher vibe.


    Kinsey We discussed the beer list and where we were from. He was an EMT taking classes to become a paramedic. I have endless respect for people in that line of work.

    Dave She has a pretty cool life. She’s from the Bay Area. Her dad and mom met during the technology boom. We talked about East Coast vs. West Coast lifestyle. We didn’t talk about me very much, which is how I like it.


    Kinsey We had tacos and shared chips and guacamole. I had the Paloma cocktail and he went with a Corona.

    Dave The drink selection was honestly really bad. I’m a beer guy and they pretty much only had beers owned by AB InBev.

    Kinsey I had to perform the most common date sacrifice that twentysomething women have to do: pretend I’m interested in craft beer for the benefit of a man. About half an hour into the date he revealed that he and his friends have a beer podcast. I cannot get behind the wave of men who think that interest in craft beer is a genuine hobby.

    Dave Kinsey was interesting, intelligent, and had a lot of life experience. I feel like our humor didn’t match up.


    Kinsey I cannot stand being mansplained to. Hearing him dumb down the details of Head of the Charles made me realize it wasn’t going to work; 2018 is the year of not letting men explain things to us women. We each had a previously prepared excuse why we couldn’t continue after dinner.

    Dave I walked her back to the train like the true New England gentleman that I am. We hugged and she got on.

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    Kinsey If I wasn’t moving, I would consider it. There’s something to be said for believing that it always gets better after a first date.

    Dave She leaves for Italy for an entire year, so that throws a wrench in things. A massive, 4,000-mile wrench. It means no future dates.


    Kinsey / B

    Dave / B

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