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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘If there was a part I could redo, it would be the end’

    How did an Uber driver and waiter factor into this date?

    Tori Zopf and Nick Dion.

    NICK DION: 31 / television operations technician

    When he is happiest: Playing softball with his team

    What makes him a catch: He’s witty and smart


    TORI ZOPF: 29 / digital product coordinator

    Her interests: Travel, cooking, reading

    What makes her a catch: Great addition to a trivia team



    Nick My Uber driver met his wife on a blind date. He gave me advice and a great pep talk. This man should be an inspirational speaker.

    Tori It was raining, so I called a Lyft. Despite leaving early and only having to travel a mile, I was late. I called the restaurant to let him know.


    Nick When my date arrived, I thought she was very pretty.

    Tori He wasn’t bad looking, but far from my usual type. I wanted to keep an open mind to see what we had in common.


    Nick She works in publishing and I work for a TV station.

    Tori He didn’t ask a lot about me so I felt like I was carrying the conversation.

    Nick We both play video games, though different types and I’m sure she’s better than me. I was still nervous but my date was good at keeping the conversation going.


    Tori The conversation was strained at times. We both play video games but he didn’t seem interested in talking about what I like to play.

    Nick My date had just gotten back from Mexico. In addition, she spent a year in Ireland getting her master’s so we talked about cities she went to while there.

    Tori I have lived abroad; he seemed more of a creature of habit and has never traveled internationally. As the night went on, it was clear we weren’t a match.

    Nick For dinner I got chicken. The waiter was very friendly and offered up good advice.

    Tori The pulled pork had flavor but could have been more moist. Our waiter was attentive and friendly. I found it easier to converse with him than with Nick.


    Nick My Uber driver said that when he met his wife he could tell right away he was going to marry her. That did not happen. If there was a part I could redo, it would be the end. After dinner, I just said, “Maybe we’ll run into each other again,” and walked away. I’m not sure why. I had a great time, I guess I was still nervous.

    Tori I stood out front figuring out what to do. It was early, so I ended up going back into Southern Proper for another drink, and dished with the waiter about the date.

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    Nick Sadly, I do not think there will be.

    Tori No.


    Nick / A

    Tori / C

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