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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘We both get up early (5 a.m.!) to work out’

    Will these two early birds stay out way past their bedtimes?

    Stephanie McQueen and Kellen Mandehr.

    KELLEN MANDEHR: 28 / incoming medical student

    His perfect Saturday: Early morning run, huge breakfast, day trip to the mountain or beach

    His perfect mate: A strong, impactful, driven woman


    STEPHANIE MCQUEEN: 27 / program coordinator

    What makes her a catch: A positive attitude and a great sense of humor

    Her exes say: She’s always willing to go on an adventure



    Kellen I rode my bike and got there early.

    Stephanie I skipped a drink — my mom always told me, “Drinking before a date never goes well.”


    Kellen She was as tall as I was. She was wearing a more casual outfit, a fear of mine that always seems to come to fruition.

    Stephanie He was good looking and had nice eyes (I always notice eyes).


    Kellen She was working in health care/research. I mentioned I was applying to medical school, which sparked a conversation about future plans for her.

    Stephanie We talked about his experiences rowing and the incredible time I had doing a semester on the Big Island of Hawaii. He told me about ski patrol in Utah and lifeguarding in San Diego.

    Kellen Neither of us had any food allergies [or] dietary restrictions, which was great because we could share.


    Stephanie We ordered the Chicken Kiev (amazing), Cuban Cigar, and jalapenos. I can’t handle spicy food, but Kellen loves it, so I gladly let him have all the jalapenos.

    Kellen My “I really like this person” moment was when she told me she also went to bed at 9 p.m. every night. We both get up early (5 a.m.!) to work out. Usually, when I mention that, I get crazy looks. Glad to know my sleep habits would be appreciated.

    Stephanie We both love ice cream and decided to take a walk to find some. I was happy to continue the night out.


    Kellen I severely underestimated [the distance] when I made the offer. I felt worse when she was cold.

    Stephanie Once it was past our bedtimes, we knew it was time to go.

    Kellen We joked about being up way later than we should, but it was worth it.

    Stephanie I called my Lyft and gave him a hug goodbye.

    Kellen I got a flat halfway home on my bike and had to walk. I guess there could have been a worse end to the night.

    Stephanie I told him if he ever wants to join a pickup volleyball game, to call.

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    Kellen If I wasn’t moving in three weeks, I would say yes, definitely.

    Stephanie I’ll leave that up to him.


    Kellen / B+

    Stephanie / A

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