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Readers share their thoughts on the annual Top Spots to Live list and a commentary on men who sell beer to women.

Seeking Shelter

Instead of telling readers where the “hot” spots are to buy right now (“Top Spots to Live,” April 22), why not do a service and point out where you can still find housing under $500,000 in areas seeing moderate growth, closer to Boston and some with easier commutes than seven of the towns you listed? According to Zillow, Quincy, Braintree, and Weymouth are all growing and in that price bracket, and have easy access to the T and commuter rail, too.

Deni Sindel Quincy

Selling to Women 101

Thank you, Devra First, for this long-overdue and witty bit of advice for men who think they know best when it comes to selling to women (Perspective, April 22). Might I suggest a series of these letters to certain well-known New England car dealerships? To the car salesman who grumbled that I was wasting his time on that wintry January day: You lost the sale because you assumed I was just “kicking the tires” during a storm. You must have thought I would be back with my boyfriend or my dad to make the deal. To the ambitious young man who insisted that I listen to him review the financing paperwork even though I said I would pay cash for my Audi: You lost the sale because what part of “I’m paying cash and don’t need financing,” don’t you understand? To salesmen everywhere who can’t seem to close the deal with women who sashay in with their own money and are ready to spend it: Get woke, dudes. We women have a wicked lot of purchasing power and make most of the decisions about what gets bought pretty much everywhere.

Elizabeth A. Levy Wayland

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I, too, am an actual grown-up woman who loves beer, especially a fresh draft beer, and definitely not light beers, wheat beers, or fruity beers! When traveling I love to sample local craft brews, and I am always amused when our server, male or female, delivers my dark, robust stout or porter to my husband, and his light beer to me.

Erin Sibley Westwood

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