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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘She almost told me “Avengers” spoilers ... It was a close call’

    Will a date between Marvel fans lead to a blockbuster romance?

    Benny Kim and Leslie Flores.

    BENNY KIM: 24 / business development

    His hobbies: Soccer, bar trivia, snowboarding

    First thing people notice in his home: The longboard he built himself


    LESLIE FLORES: 24 / mechanical engineering student

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    First thing people notice in her home: Her longboard

    What makes her a catch: She’s trilingual, a good cook, loves soccer



    Benny I downed a beer. And, I suddenly developed an interest in the Bee Gees.

    Leslie I went for a quick run, showered, and got ready listening to Latin music.

    Benny I was two minutes late, which is late for me. She was sitting right behind me.

    Leslie I had ordered a drink, trying to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle to keep busy, and I saw this cute, shy guy talking to the hostess.

    Benny Loved her hair, and she had very bright and kind eyes. Also, super cool shirt, many of the waitstaff thought so, too.

    Leslie He looked very nice. Benny has a kind smile.


    Benny She’s from Honduras, works in a lab, and has regularly touched a human vertebra .

    Leslie We know nothing about celebrity life, so our conversations were all about movie quotes, family, hobbies. We had quite a bit in common, from soccer to Japanese food. We discovered a common friend talking about engineering.

    Benny We’re both big Disney and Marvel fans, but maybe too big because we started getting into mini-arguments about favorite movies and characters. She almost told me Avengers spoilers. . . . It was a close call.

    Leslie We plunged into movie quote references. He mentioned he could do Stitch’s voice! We could bond over weird things and find it hilarious.

    Benny Got a plate of sushi to share, pork buns, and drinks.

    Leslie I got the Donga Punch, he ordered El Diablo, and then we shared an Ohana Punch. The pork belly buns were incredible.

    Benny She told me she’s good with parents, and family is very important to me so I liked that. Then she told me her ex’s parents still call her so I worried she’s too good with parents.

    Leslie He’s family oriented, which was refreshing, in a quirky way.

    Benny Leslie is intelligent, kind, and funny. The first time I looked at my watch, I realized it had been three hours.

    Leslie We laughed all the time, like we were already friends.


    BennyWe realized we had to get going. I was going to a party (with our mutual friend).

    Leslie He waited for me to get an Uber and we exchanged numbers, and hugged goodbye.


    Benny Maybe? I’m unsure because I’m leaving the country for a few weeks for work.


    Leslie I don’t think so; we will remain friends.


    Benny / A

    Leslie / B+

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