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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date: ‘She seemed cool as a cucumber. She was gorgeous. Beautiful smile’

    Will this aspiring comedian’s clever patter win over his date?

    Zach Jones and Augustina Ativie.

    ZACH JONES: 28 / stockroom coordinator / comedian

    When he is happiest: Getting off stage after a good comedy set

    His ideal mate: A radical history professor at a prestigious university


    AUGUSTINA ATIVIE: 27 / engineer

    What makes her a catch: She’s funny and honest

    First thing people notice in her home: The smell of food cooking



    Zach I asked friends to convince me it was a bad idea, but they did the opposite. I never thought I’d actually get picked.

    Augustina I signed up a year ago and was surprised when I got an e-mail about a match.


    Zach Augustina was right on time. She seemed cool as a cucumber. She was gorgeous. Beautiful smile.

    Augustina He seemed tall, had glasses on, and his hair was a salt-and-pepper gray.


    Zach Augustina was smart and worldly. She was traveling to Iceland and I told her to be on the lookout for Huldufolk. It was quite nice conversation.

    Augustina He told me what he does for work, where his family is from, hobbies. He had the same birthday as my sister.

    Zach We talked about my comedy writing and performing, but I don’t think those are particularly interesting to hear about, so I kept it short.


    Augustina We ordered a lot. Half a dozen oysters, Cajun fried rice, shrimp, clams, chocolate hazelnut beignets.

    Zach Usually, I would think of a seafood boil as not a great first date choice, because it’s not something that I feel particularly attractive while I’m eating. But the food was so good that I wasn’t too worried. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was to my detriment.

    Augustina We did have awkward moments where we didn’t know what to talk about, normal for meeting someone for the first time.

    Zach We are different people with different lives — but I think you can be compatible without being similar. At a certain point, my mind was made up that I liked her, and for better or worse, hers was as well.

    Augustina He was really sweet but there wasn’t any attraction on my end.


    Zach She gave me her number. I couldn’t see my own eyes at that moment but I imagine they lit up. We walked out together. We hugged and I told her I’d text her.

    Augustina He asked for my number. He really wanted to go out again.


    Zach I texted her the day after and she told me she didn’t see anything romantic between us. Oh well. She was probably out of my league.

    Augustina I don’t think he’s a match for me.

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    Zach/A She was a delight.

    Augustina / B

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