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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date: ‘Punctuality is important to me, (and) she showed up before I did’

    Will these analytical singles figure out they want the same things?

    Stephen Hecht and Kelsey Poinsatte-Jones.

    STEPHEN HECHT: 29 / computer science student

    First thing people notice in his home? Photos of places he’s visited

    Notable qualities? Politically centrist, mostly agnostic, doesn’t really want kids


    KELSEY POINSATTE-JONES: 29 / research scientist

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    She is happiest: Traveling to a new exotic location

    Notable qualities? Career driven, not looking to have children



    Stephen Punctuality is important to me, [and] she showed up before I did. It was a great first impression.

    Kelsey I decided to wait at the bar and ordered a Ce Soir cocktail with Chartreuse.


    Stephen She was very attractive. She had a beautiful smile. I also thought she had a cute nose.

    Kelsey He was dressed in a burgundy sweater and khaki slacks, and was clearly nervous.


    Stephen We started by discussing what we did for work. I mentioned I was a student; she discussed her career in environmental research.

    Kelsey He was originally a member of the Air Force and had traveled all over the world. I was impressed.

    Stephen She mentioned her travel to Siberia, Africa, and Australia, and I mentioned my time living in Germany, South Korea, and the Mideast.


    Kelsey He complimented me on my aspirations to pursue a career in the decision sciences. We proceeded to delve into a deep conversation about our aspirations. Stephen and I were attracted to similar lifestyles, [with] a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

    Stephen We split the tuna fregola and a chocolate dessert. Service was excellent.

    Kelsey I liked that Stephen had taken control and ordered our shared dinner. The food was spectacular. I already want to go back.

    Stephen We talked for hours and honestly didn’t run out of conversation. By the end of the night, I definitely felt good vibes.

    Kelsey Stephen and I had a heart-to-heart about performing impactful and meaningful research to solve problems of deep interest to us.


    Stephen There was chemistry. We definitely had a moment where we made eye contact and stared into each other.

    Kelsey By the end of the night, we were both completely at ease. The date had proceeded to a “no judgment” zone.

    Stephen We left the restaurant and I walked her to her car. We exchanged contact information. I leaned in . . .

    Kelsey I was hoping that Stephen would give me a goodnight kiss and he reached in for a gentle kiss on the cheek. I returned the kiss by giving him a slight kiss on his lips.


    Stephen Yes. I think she and I would definitely get along.

    Kelsey I would. I am curious to see if anything develops.


    Stephen / A

    Kelsey / A

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