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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I was excited her name is Emily because that’s one of my favorite songs’

    With so much in common, will this nurse and salesman be a match?

    Emily Izzo and Brian Sulivan.

    BRIAN SULLIVAN: 28 / outbound sales

    When he is happiest? Surrounded by friends at a barbecue, with lawn games aplenty

    What makes him a catch? He’s funny, in great shape, and can cook


    EMILY IZZO: 28 / registered nurse

    Her perfect date? An outdoor activity

    When she is happiest? In her Jeep Wrangler, listening to music



    Brian I put in some after-hours work, had a whiskey, and enjoyed a brisk walk to the venue.

    Emily I ran late at work so I was nervous about being late.


    Brian I was excited that her name is Emily because that’s one of my favorite songs.

    Emily I was standing at the door; he came to introduce himself, then brought me to the table, which was sweet.

    Brian I could tell it was her by the way she awkwardly stood there waiting. She was very cute. Very pretty face.

    Emily I thought he was cute. He was also physically fit, which is attractive to me.


    Brian She had patients run late. I’m familiar with a nurse’s schedule, so I understood.


    Emily His mom is a nurse, too!

    Brian I have a lot of respect for nurses, definitely a plus.

    Emily We talked about normal first date things. We had a lot of commonalities. We both like to be active and outdoors, both like music, photography.

    Brian We both don’t get hangovers, enjoy pop punk music and hiking.

    Emily I got the swordfish. The food was wonderful.

    Brian I had seen a burger come out and that sounded like the best thing in the world. It was delicious.

    Emily There were a lot of times I said “Me too!” to something he’d bring up about himself, so after the third or fourth time — probably mid-dinner — I thought to myself, This could turn into a second date.

    Brian She admitted that she is a self-professed “Yes girl.” I love board games and she got excited and told me she does, too. However, she couldn’t bring up anything other than a time she [tried to] learn to play Settlers of Catan. I need to be challenged in relationships, and someone who naturally agrees with everything wouldn’t be sustainable. I realized this probably wouldn’t work.

    Emily Conversation was easy. We have a lot in common.

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    Brian The conversation had run its course. We exchanged numbers.

    Emily He waited for my Uber to show up, which I thought was kind. We kissed on the cheek and hugged.


    Brian I don’t think so. I decided I’d let her reach out if she wanted to see me again. Haven’t heard anything and I’m OK with that.

    Emily I wouldn’t be opposed. That being said, I still haven’t heard from him, so we’ll see.


    Brian / A-/B+

    Emily / A

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