Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I felt somewhat self conscious about how much taller I was than him’

Will their most memorable moments of this date be more about the food than the company?

Derek Mantey and Shannon Brady.

DEREK MANTEY: 30 / sales manager

His perfect Saturday? Golf, softball, coaching lacrosse

What makes him a catch? Social, caring, and driven


SHANNON BRADY: 27 / application analyst

Her hobbies? Running, golf, yard games

She is happiest: Going dancing with friends or staying in with Netflix 



Shannon My friend signed me up and told me after she submitted the application.

Derek Co-workers signed me up on the way back from our sales meeting.


Shannon I had a generous pour of wine, trying not let my nerves get the best of me.

Derek I asked my female co-workers about 10 times what I should wear.

Shannon When I got to the restaurant, it was empty except for one guy. Process of elimination, I assumed he was my date. He was definitely cute and well dressed. I felt somewhat self conscious about how much taller I was than him, which made me regret wearing heels.

Derek She looked nice and had a well put-together outfit.


Shannon We talked family, busted March Madness brackets, how his hometown beat my hometown in high school hockey championship, Southie St. Patrick’s Day, and travel.


Derek She was outgoing and into sports, like me (go Pats!). She’s also very family-oriented.

Shannon He seemed at ease, but at times [paid a little more attention to] the college women’s finals than me.

Derek She’s a very smart and funny girl. [I] got more comfortable as the night went on.

Shannon I ordered red wine and the ravioli with mushrooms and spinach. Delicious! The restaurant had beautiful water views and a nice atmosphere.

Derek Porterhouse pork chop. The food was above average and the service was too good — probably because we were his only table. I think we both felt romantic chemistry — between ourselves and our meals.


Shannon The conversations were all small talk. I feel like we lacked sparks and chemistry.

Derek Our compatibility was great, just not in a romantic way. We grabbed another drink at the bar next door. It was my idea. I was hoping we’d get into a more energetic, social environment, but it was a slow, dead Monday night.

Shannon We finished our drinks and ordered Ubers home. He asked if I would like to exchange phone numbers and we did.

Derek She called me so I’d have her number. I thought it was my Uber driver, so I answered, but it was her.

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Derek No, it wasn’t a romantic fit.

Shannon No, it was definitely missing the wow factor.


Derek / B-

Shannon / B

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