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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date: ‘Social norms dictate guys pay, I am aware of that’

    Their dinner together began with compliments. It didn’t end that way.

    Amanda Caramanica and Mehmet Cetinkaya.

    AMANDA CARAMANICA: 28 / occupational therapist

    Last thing she read:Gender Matters: How Boys and Girls Learn Differently

    Her hobbies: Kickboxing instructor

    MEHMET CETINKAYA: 28 / real estate investor  


    When he is happiest: Discovering a new idea, place, or person

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    What makes him a catch: He’s a fighter [with] the biggest heart



    Amanda I was quite nervous. Parking was difficult; I got cut off twice pulling into spots.

    Mehmet I got nervous when I ran late looking for parking.

    Amanda He walked in as I was giving the hostess my name. He was cute with his curly hair.


    Mehmet She looked hot. Bright eyes, a nice jacket.

    Amanda The first thing he said was that I had nice teeth. He told me I had pretty eyes and I was “classically beautiful.”

    Mehmet We talked about the restaurant, how we ended up applying. And the menu.


    Amanda We both enjoy kickboxing and like to travel. He made little effort to get to know me any further than this.

    Mehmet We talked about our families, aspirations, travels.


    Amanda I ordered a margarita, he ordered a mojito. We got goat cheese and tomato empanadas, which were fantastic. Everyone there seemed kind.

    Mehmet I ordered the whole red snapper. Looked awesome. I should have snapped a pic for Instagram.

    Amanda At first, I thought he was interesting, as he was sharing about his culture and his move to the US. The excitement wore off the more he spoke. He made rude comments throughout our dinner. He made it clear he was not looking for anything serious.

    Mehmet I started to lose interest. It started to feel more like an interview.


    Amanda He asked if I wanted to see if there was a comedy show playing, I said yes. There wasn’t. Thank God.

    Mehmet We were reluctant to spend more time together.

    Amanda He made [a] comment that it was ridiculous that anyone would set me up with him. I replied, “I’m sorry you had such an awful time.”

    Mehmet She didn’t offer to pay, a red flag. Social norms dictate guys pay, I am aware of that. So I told her we could split the excess [over the $100 the Globe pays]. She said she didn’t have cash. I told her she could pay via Venmo.

    Amanda Sharing my last name was not something I was comfortable with.

    Mehmet We walked to the front door. I remembered I left the receipt on the table. So I rushed back. When I came back, she was gone.


    Amanda Definitely not.

    Mehmet No.


    Amanda / D

    Mehmet / B

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