Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘My body started to cry out for more cold medication’

Will cold and flu season thwart these daters?

Matt Shen and Kathryn Peneyra.

MATT SHEN 23 / management analyst

His hobbies: Chemistry, training for a marathon

His ideal mate: Natalie Portman at a public health nonprofit


KATHRYN PENEYRA 22 / cardiology researcher

Her interests: Running long distance, card games, scary movies

Her ideal mate: Orlando Bloom as an inorganic synthesis chemist



Matt I was coming off a bad cold, so I took probably too many DayQuil before leaving the office and hoped I didn’t look too much like a troll.

Kathryn I changed out of my work clothes and did my makeup in my office bathroom.


Matt I waited by the entrance and tried to make meaningful but nonintrusive eye contact with anxious-looking people coming through the door.

Kathryn I approached the hostess. She bluntly told me that I had just walked right by Matt.

Matt She was cute, and had a great Patagonia/scarf combo.

Kathryn I thought he was cute and nicely put together. There was definitely an awkward “going in for a hug but then backing out moment” on both our parts.


Matt We shared a lot; both majored in chemistry at small-ish liberal arts schools and were able to get into the specifics of the research we did. Running was another interest, we talked about races coming up in Boston that we hoped to compete in.


Kathryn There were a lot of overlaps. We were both chemistry majors. I discovered that he has run half marathons, rowed crew, appreciated non-gory scary movies, and speaks German!

Matt Hearing about her interest in studying art conservation stood out.

Kathryn We talked about how sharing was the way to go at sushi restaurants.

Matt [We] started with drinks, then ordered edamame and a bunch of rolls. The vibe of the place made for a great atmosphere. Overall, things went well.

Kathryn He was easy to talk to, and did great keeping the conversation flowing.


Matt I think that there was general chemistry, but it’s probably an exaggeration to say romantic chemistry.

Kathryn To be determined if we go out again. There weren’t immediate sparks, but I really enjoyed his company.

Matt There was a point where my body started to cry out for more cold medication, [so] we headed home. We walked to the Red Line together.

Kathryn I was excited to continue talking. We hugged. He asked for my number. I gave it to him.

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Matt I’d like to get to know her better.

Kathryn I’d be down!


Matt / A

Kathryn / A-

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