Dinner With Cupid

They met before Cupid set them up. But only one of them remembers it.

Will their history be too awkward to overcome, or is it a good sign of preexisting attraction?

Michael Ricci and Ellen Muehleck.

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MICHAEL RICCI: 26 / data analyst

On a desert island, he’d bring: A climbing rope, power tools

What makes him a catch?: A critically acclaimed back massage


ELLEN MUEHLECK: 25 / project manager

On a desert island, she’d bring: A pillow, a Kindle

What makes her a catch?: She likes to be challenged



Michael I was rushed the day of the date. I woke up in Vermont and drove into Boston. I grabbed dress clothes without thinking. Hopefully she did not notice my shoes and belt did not match.


Ellen I went straight from work, so I didn’t have time to prepare. I was a bit anxious.

Michael I was afraid that if it didn’t go well, she would say mean stuff about me in the newspaper and then everyone who reads the Internet will laugh at me.

Ellen I arrived right at 7 and he was already at the table. We hugged hello.

Michael Ellen was elegant, wearing a silky top and a black jacket. She looked right at home in the wine bar.

Ellen He was well dressed and had a nice smile.



Michael Both of us are from Vermont. We also talked about work  —  Ellen is some kind of bad-ass mechanical engineer slash construction forewoman. When she said she was an engineer, I thought, this is a person I will like.

Ellen We talked about college and our jobs. We weren’t perfectly suited for one another, but that was OK.

Michael The two of us really care about food/booze. We had a real conversation about searing scallops and the characteristics of a perfect martini.

Ellen The food was great, it was tapas style so we shared everything.

Michael We ordered a cheese plate and wine to start. We then had scallops on sweet potatoes and martinis.

Ellen As the date went on and we shared more, I could relax a little.


Michael So, this is weird, but Ellen gave me her phone number while we were dancing at a bar six months ago. After we paid the check I brought it up. She said that was her phone number [in my phone contacts] and laughed.

Ellen He mentioned that we previously met at a bar months ago. I didn’t remember him, but it made me realize what a small world Boston actually is.

Michael I felt a little awkward, but the date only lasted like 10 more minutes.

Ellen I was ready to head home. We hugged and I told him to get home safe!

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Michael Things are complicated. After Cupid, I started seeing another person and have already been on several dates, so I feel I should stay the course.

Ellen There was no talk of a second date.


Michael / Solid A

Ellen / B


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