Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘I thought he was going in for a kiss’

Will an awkward moment spoil things for this pair?

Nikoma Baccus and Angus Tasker

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NIKOMA BACCUS: 32 / executive assistant

Her perfect date: Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously

Her ideal match: A puppy rescuer


ANGUS TASKER: 32 / software engineer

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His perfect saturday: Go out and cause a little harmless trouble.

His exes say: He’s crazy but they secretly couldn’t get enough.



Nikoma The hostess took me to our table. He was more handsome than I had expected, well dressed and well groomed. The British accent didn’t hurt.


Angus Very attractive, but older than girls I usually date.

Nikoma Our coloring was similar, and I worry about two reds not making a right. But it wasn’t a deal breaker. We got into a groove pretty quickly. I discovered he has a rescue kitten who is an insomniac. We talked about the word “isthmus.”

Angus [We discussed] pleasantries, her apparent need to impress me with her abnormally large vocabulary, the fact that she’s been single for three years, the tendency that passion has to die over time, her weird dietary choices. Being a vegan is weird (unless for medical reasons). Loving animals is good, eating them is better.


Nikoma I ordered the spinach gnocchi. The food was fine, it wasn’t stellar.

Angus I had the cod, it was delicious. I’d never been to Towne, very impressive.


Nikoma We had a great time at dinner. Angus is intelligent, well spoken, thoughtful, and easy to be around.

Angus I enjoyed her company immensely (bffs maybe?). I’d give her social skills a score of 9.2/10. [After dinner,] we checked out a place nearby for drinks.


Nikoma The after-dinner drink kind of threw off the balance of the evening. Angus really liked the dance club/live DJ vibe. It was not totally my taste, but we found a booth to sneak into and enjoyed more conversation.

Angus We were able to skip the huge line due to our amazing teamwork chatting up the bouncer.

Nikoma We were at the cabstand outside the Prudential Center. He cupped my face in his hands, and I thought he was going in for a kiss. I wasn’t fully there, so I (not so gracefully) thwarted his plans. It made our departure a bit awkward.

Angus I helped her into a taxi and awkwardly waved goodbye — like those creepy grandparents who walk to the driveway and wave you out of sight.


Nikoma Not sure I felt romantic feelings, but I’d be open to meeting up again.

Angus I’d like to see her in a nonromantic capacity. I have single friends she might be interested in. Nikoma, do you like overweight Bulgarian guys?


Nikoma / B+

Angus / C+

— Compiled by Melissa Schorr

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