Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: She likes ‘Game of Thrones’; he watches ‘The Bachelor’

Are their TV viewing habits any indication of compatibility?

Jeff Meaney and Siobhan Sullivan.

JEFF MEANEY: 23 / operations specialist

Last thing he read: Fishing magazines to learn to fly-fish

His hobbies: Hiking, camping, golf, baseball


SIOBHAN SULLIVAN: 24 / public affairs assistant / grad student

What makes her a catch? She’s funny, a hard worker, and a great conversationalist.

Her hobbies: Watching sports, piano, bowling, shopping



Jeff I thought it would be a fun thing to do, a little out of my comfort zone.

Siobhan Friends told me to try it. I liked the idea of not knowing who it’d be; I felt like it would give us a lot to talk about.


Jeff I went for a run, then showered and got a drink before heading over.

Siobhan I woke up, showered, and dried my hair (which took a good chunk of time). I’d like to think I’m not too high-maintenance. I was seated right away. I ordered a sangria (to calm the nerves).

Jeff The hostess led me to the table. Siobhan had pretty eyes and a nice smile.

Siobhan I thought he was really handsome! He was dressed nice and he had a great smile.


Jeff We tried to figure out how we got matched. Based on her name, I asked if she was Irish, and we talked about how I took a trip to Ireland after graduation.


Siobhan He went to school in South Carolina, likes to watch sports, and lives in Southie. I also learned he’s a Renaissance man in training (he’s trying new things as often as possible). I thought that was cute.

Jeff We both tried (unsuccessfully) to find each other on social media before the date using only each other’s first name.

Siobhan We don’t watch the same shows. I love Game of Thrones and he’s never seen an episode. He watches The Bachelor and I’ve never seen an episode. But then we talked about how we both love watching football on Sundays, going to dive bars and hanging out with friends, and we’re both close to our family.

Jeff I felt comfortable throughout. Siobhan was a good conversationalist.

Siobhan We split the shrimp appetizer, which was good. I ordered fried scallops and he ordered scrod, after I told him that’s what my dad had told me to order.

Jeff I ordered baked scrod by recommendation of Siobhan’s dad. At first, they brought Siobhan fried clams when she ordered scallops, [but she] got her correct meal pretty soon.

Siobhan We split the Boston cream pie for dessert. It’s definitely a place I’d go to again.

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Jeff After we shared a dessert, I think we were both pretty much ready to leave.

Siobhan I began to get tired. He joked that I’m a grandma (which is something I said earlier in the night as a joke, for scheduling our date at 5 p.m.).

Jeff We walked out together, exchanged numbers, then headed toward our cars.

Siobhan He asked for my number, so I put it in his phone, and we hugged. He said we should go to the Hong Kong sometime to do karaoke and I agreed. He texted me after, saying he had a nice time, but during the date he told me he’s a horrible texter.


Jeff Not sure.

Siobhan I’d go out with him again for sure; he has my number.


Jeff / B+

Siobhan / A

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