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Americans getting more inactive, computers partly to blame

Americans are becoming increasingly sedentary, spending almost a third of their waking hours sitting down, and computer use is partly to blame, a new study found.

Melinda Gates in photo by Jason Bell for Pivotal Ventures


Melinda Gates pairs her reading and her travel

Her new book is “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World’’

Ask Amy

Use a stick, not a carrot, to curb constant talking

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Love Letters

Are we ready to move in together?

If we do that within the year, are we moving too fast?

Getting Salty with Kerri Lynch-Delaney of 16C in Quincy

The restaurant is known for pan pizza — she collaborated on the dough recipe with aunt Barbara Lynch — and steak tips. She celebrates three years in business this week.

Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.


Make the shandy a springtime standard

No more balking at beer cocktails.

Q&A with Lindsay-Jean Hard, author of ‘Cooking with Scraps’

Her new book “Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Rinds, and Stems into Delicious Meals,” revives the notion that stale bread, outdated produce, and cheese rinds are hidden treasures that should be put to use, not sent to the disposal or compost bin.


Whittier Street Health Center toasts Jim Judge

On April 10, more than 700 guests attended Whittier Street Health Center’s toast to Jim Judge, who serves as chairman, president and CEO of Eversource Energy. The health center honored Judge for his longtime support, as well as his leadership in the community at large. The event was held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in the Back Bay and raised more than $925,000. Attendees included Frederica M. Williams, the health center’s president and CEO, and Mary Judge, who was presented with a plaque recognizing the support that she and Jim, her husband, have provided.

American Provisions in Dorchester worth the wait

The new corner store in the Treadmark building in Dorchester’s Ashmont section was slated to open two years ago, when a fire tore through the building during construction.

Brins Lemon Saffron marmalade will stick with you

It’s a robust and tart marmalade made from slowly simmered fresh lemons and threads of saffron.

Mini GreenPan is a small wonder

If you often cook a sole egg or an omelet for yourself, or are warming up a small amount, a mini GreenPan will be most useful.

Slices of kiwi are topped with mealworms during the Edible Insects Festival.

At Edible Insects Festival, students squash the ick factor and dive fork first into the future

At last week’s BugFeast, guests weren’t just curious, they were hungry, swarming around trays full of food. But what will it take to get even more Americans to embrace this eco-friendly, healthy way to feed a rapidly growing world?

Hiring a matchmaker might help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

How to hire a matchmaker

Here are a few tips for those looking to hire their own personal cupid.

An artist’s rendering of the inside of Time Out Market, coming to the former Landmark Center on Park Drive.

BISq, Mamaleh’s, and George Howell join Time Out Market lineup

The food and cultural center is scheduled to open in the coming months at the former Landmark Center on Park Drive.

An adult peregrine falcon circled near its nest on a ledge overlooking Lake Mead in Temple Bar, Ariz.

Biologist study finds mercury in predator peregrine falcons

A Nevada wildlife researcher has found that not even the fastest bird on Earth can escape mercury contamination.

New attack on Ebola center in Congo; 1 militia member killed

Militia members attacked an Ebola treatment center hours after another attack killed a staffer with the World Health Organization, a Congolese official said Saturday.

Ask Amy

Brother worries about sister and her choice of fiance

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Two-wave US flu season is now the longest in a decade

Three months ago, this flu season was shaping up to be short and mild in the U.S. But a surprising second viral wave has made it the longest in 10 years.

love letters

I know I can’t love him

I feel like I can’t ever really “love” again. As if that part of me is just ... irreparably broken.


All together now

A new photo book site makes crowdsourcing seamless.

It’s fun and games (and cocktails) at Thirst Boston.

hot ticket

Attention cocktail lovers: It’s almost time for Thirst Boston

Cocktail extravaganza Thirst Boston takes place April 26-28, with seminars, parties, and, yes, plenty of imbibing at venues throughout the city.

Tom Brady posed for a photo with his parents, Tom and Galynn Brady, prior to Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.

Tom Brady praised his parents’ ‘trust, love, and dedication’ on their 50th anniversary

“The strength of their marriage has always been an inspiration and the best example to me and my sisters,” the quarterback wrote on Instagram.

Connections | Magazine

The not-so-terrible twos

Unlike everyone else, my toddler son doesn’t know I have cancer — and that’s a relief.

Style Watch

What to do with a bedroom when there’s no place for a bed

Clean lines and carefully considered details bring order to a challenging master bedroom.

Rabid bobcat attacks golfer on Mohegan Sun golf course

The bobcat was shot and killed by state environmental police shortly after it attacked a man on the Mohegan Sun Golf Course in Sprague.

Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I felt the need to wax enthusiastically about candlepin bowling’

Will these seasoned daters foul or pick up a spare?

Miss Conduct

Advice: I hear about my future grandchild only when my daughter-in-law posts on Facebook

How can I get my daughter-in-law to tell me what’s going on? Plus, thanks or no thanks.

Miss Conduct

Advice: This children’s birthday party has a cover charge

Do I tell my friend people are talking about her request that kids pay their own way to her daughter’s birthday?

book review

Love, class, sex, and the unbearable space between us

“Normal People’’ spans four years of the young adult lives of Marianne and Connell.


Devours audiobooks while drawing

Jeff Kinney’s newest book is “Diary of an Awesome and Friendly Kid.”

Crew of Fred DeRoma & Son, contractors with the City of Cambridge, applying the Cambridge Poetry Program test stamp in freshly poured concrete on the sidewalk in front of Cambridge Community Center on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. (City of Cambridge)

Five Cambridge poets will see their work imprinted on the sidewalk this fall

The poems tackle topics including climate change, spring, and an encounter with a nightingale.


A new restaurant comes to Eataly, and Hojoko gets into the Groove with a rec room feel

Restaurant news you can use.

quick bite

Night Shift Brewing comes to Lovejoy Wharf for a fun, affordable night out

This is the larger, restaurant version of the popular Everett brewery, with table service, an efficient menu, comfy banquettes, and a coffee bar. Soon, there will be outdoor seating.

Expect costumes of all kinds as Anime Boston returns to the Hynes Convention Center.

Big Plans

5 things to do in Boston this weekend

Here are ways to get out of your home and not be bored in the city this weekend.

Doctors use HIV in gene therapy to fix ‘bubble boy’ disease

‘‘This therapy has cured the patients,’’ although it will take more time to see if it’s a permanent fix, said Dr. Ewelina Mamcarz, one of the study leaders at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

An artist’s sketch shows the entrance to the planned High Street Place food hall, which is slated to open this fall with 20,000 square feet of dining options.

High Street Place food hall will have cocktails, po’ boys, and vegan treats

The 20,000-square-foot food hall set to debut downtown this fall announced a partial list of businesses and chefs who have signed on to the project. A Tiffani Faison pizza joint is on the list.

Former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco enters hospice care

Blanco’s time in office included the devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita. She was diagnosed and treated for a rare eye cancer in 2011. It returned and spread to her liver in 2017.

Moxie Falls, in Moxie Gore Plantation near a whitewater rafting center, The Forks, is the highest waterfall in Maine.

Chasing waterfalls in New England

Here’s where to watch Mother Nature gush about spring.

Love Letters

Is there a future with my ex?

Fast forward five years with no communication and boom — there he is.

Traditional dancer kicks off fashion runway show at Abbe Museum Indian Market.

Native American artists return to Bar Harbor, and this year’s market will be even bigger

The Abbe Museum presents its second Indian Market.

Ask Amy

Aunt cries over her niece’s rush to get married

Advice from Amy Dickinson

The three-story Fullerton Inn has a commanding spot on Main Street in the center of the village.


The word is out: Tiny Chester is worth a visit

We like this under-the-radar town for its slow pace, step-back-in-time beauty, its cluster of historic homes and buildings; its green space and access to outdoor activities.

Cape Verde: Close to home at the end of the world

During my visit to the islands of Fogo and Brava, I met no other American tourists and was treated like family by almost everyone I met.

Sicilian markets feature a cacophony of vendors shouting and singing the wonders of their produce — a fugue between fish and fruit — as if a higher pitch brings more shoppers.

Gobsmacked in a Sicilian market

It’s life itself here, a flume of color, smells, tastes, and passionate appeals from vendors.

Love Letters

We said we’d check in 60 days after our breakup. Do I have to?

In hindsight, I’m rethinking that agreement.