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The photos David Reyes posts as @daverey79 are vivid and eye-catching — the work of a true professional. Yet Reyes, 38, didn’t really start taking photography seriously until he moved to Boston from Mexico in spring 2014. Recently, while on break from his job as a retail manager, Reyes told us a little bit about his experiences in photography and how they’ve helped him feel closer to his new hometown.

Q. You have a separate Instagram account dedicated to portraits, @reflection_bydave. How did you get into taking portraits?

A. Once I felt more confident with my speaking, I started attending portrait meetups. That’s where I started talking with people and [saying], “let’s collaborate” to people. Now I’m trying to keep active in both accounts.

Q. You often include little facts or quotations in your captions. Why did you start doing that? What kind of response do the captions get?

A. Those are just some fun facts that I took from, I think PBS and one of the other news channels. I’m starting to learn more about this city, and also I have some audience from Mexico, so I think that there’s some Instagrammers from Mexico who’d probably like information about the place that I’m living now.

Q. What do you do to improve as a photographer?


A. I started hanging out with some other photographers, and I started going out during the night to do long exposures. Maybe I will start doing that more because now it’s getting dark earlier. But yeah, I’m not afraid anymore just to go out [and shoot], that’s my passion.

Q. What do you like about shooting Boston?

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A. I just like discovering new places. I like going to the Fenway area and the North End. I want to not get stuck in only one place, to show another side of the city. But I really love in summer to go to Fenway and the North End.

Q. Do you shoot in Mexico at all?

A. I go back to Mexico once a year, but now I’m taking most of my photos in New England. Once in awhile, I’ll post some photos from Mexico just to show part of my tradition. I’m thinking of posting in October something about Day of the Dead, to share something about my culture.

Q. How do you find shooting in Mexico different from shooting in Boston?

A. The big difference is here, I find more inspiration because I can follow seasons; I can follow colors, temperatures. Mexico, in my hometown — I’m from the suburbs — we have maybe two seasons: summer and spring. So, it could be boring in terms of color when it’s sunny all the time. Here, I hated moody days, but since I got the camera and started shooting, moody days are my best days for shooting. I’m very excited now because it’s fall.

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