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How does Raj Sharma take his coffee?

Here, a managing director at Merrill Lynch shares his coffee rituals.

03kettle - Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle. (Handout)

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After obsessing over beans and grinders, research kettles

Eventually, for every coffee fanatic, you’ll need a good kettle. And be forewarned: These start at about $35, and run to at least $120.

Seattle is java lover’s nirvana

The only problem for a coffee lover in this city is fitting in stops at all the best places.

My Morning Cup

How does Hank Phillippi Ryan take her coffee?

Here the author and investigative reporter shares her coffee rituals.

My Morning Cup

How does Brian Nelson take his coffee?

Here, the Simons Malls’ vice president shares his coffee rituals.

The Kalita Wave Style Set.

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A gift guide for coffee lovers

It’s the holiday time, when special blends are at all your favorite coffee shops. But what to buy for the coffee-lover in your family? Here are some ideas.

5 tips to getting the perfect cup of coffee

We asked Boston’s Gracenote Coffee founder and director Patrick Barter for his five tips on how to turn a cup of joe into something extraordinary.

My Morning Cup

How does Heather Carbone take her coffee?

Here the founder and president of The Urban Art Bar & The Juice Box shares her coffee rituals.

My Morning Cup

How does Sandra Smith take her coffee?

Here the FOX Business Network reporter and Republican debate moderator shares her coffee rituals.

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Overnight Coffee Challenge is a gimmick that works

Genuine Thermos Brand had a challenge for Matt Viser: They bet they could send him a thermos filled with coffee in the mail. And when he opened it the next morning it would taste fresh.

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Travel with your coffee? Try a good thermos

What are the best options for keeping your coffee piping hot — or ice cold? The Globe’s Matt Viser tested some out.

My Morning Cup

How does this clown take her coffee?

Scarlett Sullivan, a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clown, shares her coffee rituals.

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How coffee, ink, and friendship formed a mother-daughter bond

As a way to remember their morning ritual, there is now an identical tattoo on the inside of the left arm of each woman: A coffee mug, steam rising out of it.

My Morning Cup

How does Daniel Myers take his coffee?

Here the owner of restaurant Loyal Nine in Cambridge shares his coffee rituals.

Secretary of State John Kerry went down Friday morning to a new Dunkin’ Donuts inside the State Department. He was joined by his office manager, Natick-native Claire Coleman (at right).

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State Department (and John Kerry) now runs on Dunkin’

Much to the delight of New Englanders in Foggy Bottom — including Secretary of State John F. Kerry — there is a new coffee option in the building.

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Cambridge Cold Brew tries heating up coffee market

Some unique things are happening at Barismo, the Cambridge-based roaster, and its Cambridge Cold Brew.

The scene at Cafe Central, one of the many old coffeehouses in Vienna.

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My waltz with the Viennese coffee scene

The coffee culture in this historic city has been building up for centuries.

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Cold coffee is the hot new thing

There is a movement that is rapidly spreading across the specialty coffee industry, with some high-end thought going into making the perfect cold brew coffee.

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A cup of Joe Biden

All you need to know about the differences, in personality and temperament, between Joe Biden and Barack Obama is this: Biden drinks coffee, Obama drinks tea.

My Morning Cup

Governor Michael Dukakis

My Morning Cup features the coffee rituals that most of us have. Here, Dukakis shares his coffee drinking habits.

Haruna Murayama prepared a latte at Ogawa Coffee's first US location, on Milk Street in Boston.

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Ogawa Coffee set to open in downtown Boston

It is one of the most impressive, ambitious facilities devoted to coffee in Boston.

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz served customers at the drive-thru window at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New Hampshire as part of a promotion for the coffee chain.

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David Ortiz serves up Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in N.H.

As part of a promotion for Dunkin’ Donuts, the slugger worked the drive-thru in Salem, N.H.

A coffee julep at Houndstooth Coffee.

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Keeping Austin weird, and wired

The coffee scene in Austin, Tex., is among the most vibrant, most experimental in the country.

Joey Launceford, Zach Wolfe, Sean Burke, and Len Skubal at Rifrullo Cafe.

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Meet BC’s coffee crew

A group of Boston College football players went on a mission: See as many coffee shops as they can.

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George Howell Coffee coming to Downtown Crossing

The coffee scene in downtown Boston is becoming as energetic as a double-shot of espresso, and soon you can add one more to the mix.

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Pavement Coffeehouse to open sixth Boston store

Pavement Coffeehouse is gearing up to open its sixth location in Boston later this month in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood.

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Top 10 coffee Instagram feeds

Coffee, done right, is beautiful. Here are, by Matt Viser’s estimation, the top 10 coffee Instagram feeds.

Coffee may lower some disease risks

Research suggesting that there may be some potential health benefits to coffee is growing.

By the time children reached the age of 2, more than 15 percent were consuming coffee.

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Boston toddlers drinking coffee not uncommon, study finds

Is your baby having trouble sleeping? Here may be one reason: He may have half a cup of coffee in him.

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Mail-order Drift Away Coffee is worth a look

One of the unique things about this Brooklyn-based roaster is that they not only provide you with fresh coffee, but they help you refine your palate and figure out what you like.

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A presidential guide to the best coffee shops

The 2016 presidential cycle has officially begun in earnest, and there is an integral part to this whole process: caffeine.

David Simon of the Black Magic Coffee Company.

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A coffee caterer’s motto: ‘Coffee anytime, anywhere’

The coffee caterer is much more elaborate than having someone swing by Dunkin’ to pick-up a three liter Box O’ Joe.

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Plenty of options for mail-order coffee

For many of us, finding fresh beans can be a challenge. Welcome to mail-order coffee.

Serena Williams of the US hits a return against Flavia Pennetta of Italy during their third session women's singles match on day two of the Hopman Cup tennis tournament in Perth on January 5, 2015. AFP PHOTO / TONY ASHBY IMAGE STRICTLY RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USETONY ASHBY/AFP/Getty Images

Serena Williams uses jolt — of espresso — to win tennis match

The tennis star ordered an espresso playing in a tournament in Australia.

Barrington Coffee has opened a new store in Boston’s Back Bay at 303 Newbury St.

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Barrington Coffee opens new shop in Back Bay

The new store is brightly-lit, with funky art on the walls. But the claim to fame is bound to be the Steampunk.

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The Cobra Coffee at the Bombay Club comes sweet, with little bite

The Bombay Club in Washington, D.C., is the scene of many power lunches and dinners. But it’s also the scene of the Cobra Coffee.

Cuban-American Jose Feliu (right) sipped a Cuban coffee as he prepared to go to work in the Little Havana area of Miami on Dec. 18.

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Will Americans be able to taste Cuban-grown coffee?

Sure, changes in Cuba policy could mean more cigars. But it could mean more coffee, too.

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Counting Sheep Coffee makes you sleepy. Huh?

In a sign of how fragmented and specialized the coffee industry has grown, a new coffee starting to gain traction is not only decaffeinated — it has ingredients that will help put you to sleep.

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A coffee quest ends: Starbucks Verona is served at the White House

After months of unanswered questions, Matt Viser finally has an answer about what coffee is served at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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‘A Film About Coffee’ perks up this java-lover

If you love coffee or you want to understand the global coffee economy, you have to watch this film.

Coffee beer from the Barrington Coffee Roasters-Trillium Brewing collaboration.

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Coffee and beer aficionados join forces

Over the last several years, coffee gurus and beer aficionados have turned their obsessive concern for fine beverages into an unlikely brew: coffee beer.

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Five quick tips to making better coffee

We came up with a few tips to help you make a better brew.

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Renaming President Obama’s controversial ‘coffee salute’

When the president saluted on the tarmac Tuesday holding a cup, there’s a good chance it contained tea instead of coffee.

Caffeine consumption in the West Wing has, apparently, become a state secret.

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At a White House rich in coffee lore, no word on president’s preference

It turns out that the Obama White House makes it nearly impossible to find the source of its coffee and how it is prepared.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with law enforcement officials in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Jan. 28, 2013.

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In the White House, tea or coffee?

President Obama’s close advisers say they cannot ever recall him with a cup of coffee.

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The journey for that perfect cup

For many, coffee is a rite of passage. We often may start to drink it when we leave for college, or get a first job. It becomes a habit for life.

President John F. Kennedy sipped coffee during his visit to SHAPE, Nato’s military headquarters outside Paris on June 2, 1961.

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Presidential history on coffee

For about as long as we’ve had presidents, we’ve had coffee in the White House.