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    Julia Cort and Chris Schmidt to head up ‘Nova’

    Julia Cort.
    Photo by Meredith Nierman, courtesy of WGBH
    Julia Cort.

    WGBH’s deputy executive producer, Julia Cort, and senior producer, Chris Schmidt, were named co-executive producers of “Nova,” the station’s science television series that broadcasts nationally through PBS. The two will succeed Paula Apsell, who recently retired.

    Chris Schmidt
    Photo by Meredith Nierman, courtesy of WGBH
    Chris Schmidt.

    “We are lucky to have two people who are so gifted, not just as filmmakers, but as science communicators, take the helm of the country’s most respected and most watched science series,” John Bredar, the vice president of National Programming at WGBH, said in a statement.

    “Nova,” currently in its 46th season, is the recipient of several Peabody and Emmy Awards. The documentary series has covered everything from the AIDS epidemic to string theory.


    In a statement, Cort described “Nova” as “an amazing series with a hugely important mission — to engage and inspire people around science, one of the most powerful tools we have for understanding the world and improving the human condition.”

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