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// Oleana wins Munch Madness 2017

By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

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Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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The Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Center Parcs UK in Bedfordshire, England.

Center Parcs UK, where you can park yourself for a few days of fun in England

It’s a collection of five village-style vacation parks, each secluded in woodland and devoid of cars. Bring your bike, or rent one at the cycle shed adjacent to the parking lot. Or walk.

Cooking | Magazine

Four Oscar-worthy cocktail recipes from Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Fun twists on classic drinks make for a festive evening.

Here, there, and everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere

Travel news you can use.

If your employer hasn’t embraced healthier food options at your worksite as yet, there are ways to take matters into your own hands.


How to eat healthier in the workplace

Who orders that platter of cookies for the weekly staff meeting? If your employer hasn’t embraced healthier food options yet, take matters into your own hands.

Recipe: Salmon, shredded fennel, toasted couscous, and dairy-free yogurt go into this salad

In “A New Way to Food,” by Maggie Battista, founder of Eat Boutique, the author tells a personal tale of struggles with weight loss and how she eats now. This salmon salad is a favorite recipe.

02/08/2019 Lynnfield MA. -Maggie Battista (cq) photographed at her home. . Jonathan Wiggs/Globe StaffReporter:Topic:

They started The Fresh Collective as a network for women in the food industry

Boston-area women in every facet of the food business are gathering at meetings and online to build a community with The Fresh Collective, founded by authors Maggie Battista and Leigh Belanger.

For the women of Stillman Quality Meats, Worcester has quickly become a happy home

Kate Stillman has very quietly come to embody the best of female entrepreneurship in the local food world.

Recipe: A dish in ‘Red Hot Kitchen’ blends the Middle Eastern shakshuka with Asian sriracha

Author Diana Kuan writes that her version of shakshuka is for weekend mornings when no one wants to cut up chiles; instead she adds sriracha.

Add some zest to your life with preserved lemons

These are so tasty you can even add slices of the skin to salads or cocktails.

Now you can use Frank Pepe Pizzeria’s tomatoes at home

You might not be able to turn out crust with the char like Pepe’s, but the sauce will be fresh tasting and delicious.

The confident cook

Recipe: Mildly spicy pasilla chiles warm the broth for a fish stew with cumin

The pasilla chiles used here, the dried version of fresh chilaca peppers, are mild but rich in flavor. Most supermarkets carry them; if not substitute ancho chiles, the dried form of poblanos.

Cookbook review

‘Red Hot Kitchen’ offers recipes with plenty of heat and layers of flavor

Cookbook author Diana Kuan offers dishes made with one of nine Asian chile sauces. Make your own sauces (or buy them) for these intriguing, cross-cultural recipes.

Ommegang Brut IPA


Not every Brut IPA is built the same

The Brut IPA, the latest on-trend style many of your favorite brewers are making, is still evolving.

Seasonal recipes

Recipe: This traditional, creamy Dutch soup, based on mustard, delivers warmth

A dish based on a condiment might prompt a puzzled glance, but this classic Dutch soup, called mosterdsoep (pronounced like it sounds), is very popular in the Netherlands.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Elegant boneless chicken breasts in a mushroom sauce is ready in less than 30 minutes

The key to getting juicy boneless chicken breasts is to brown them quickly in a skillet and let them finish cooking in the oven. A meat thermometer is your secret weapon.

Getting salty

A conversation with Carlos Tobon of Catalyst

Carlos Tobon has worked his way up in the restaurant industry, from a dishwasher at Blue Moon to special events at Catalyst, where he’s often requested by name.

Chef Barbara Lynch in the kitchen of Menton in Boston. Menton received a Five Diamond award from AAA this year.

Here are the best restaurants in Massachusetts, according to AAA

AAA has announced its 2019 list of best restaurants nationwide — and several of the top-rated establishments are located here.

Chicken and rice noodle soup has already proven popular at the new Newton Centre location.


Pho Viet’s II expands to Newton Centre with soups, bánh mi, and more

The Vietnamese restaurant celebrates a second location in Newton Centre.

Mike Kamio, owner of Anna's Taqueria.

Mike Kamio, founder of Anna’s Taqueria, dies

Anna’s Taqueria locations will be closed Friday in honor of Mike Kamio, and so friends and family can attend services.

Celebrate at Harvest's Winter Ice Party.

hot ticket

Luge yourself

If you haven’t swilled from an ice luge since college, you can change that on Feb. 24 at Harvest in Harvard Square.

Steak frites features a New York strip from Northeast Family Farms.

Quick Bite

Chef Rachel Klein re-emerges in a friendly suburban spot in Sharon

The Square wants to be a neighborhood place and has succeeded right out of the gate. A group of investors opened it because they wanted a spot where they could hang out with their friends.

Peregrine and Rochambeau set to debut; Dorchester gets an American Provisions

Restaurant news you can use.

Come out to a legal workshop for startups in the food industry.


What does a healthy meal look like these days?

Here’s what experts say we should be eating: lots of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish, lean poultry, and a moderate amount of healthy fats.

Treat your sweetie at Cacao Nuts & Chocolates

The display case at Cacao Nuts & Chocolates in Jamaica Plain is filled with luscious, handmade chocolates. The shop opened in July and offers a nut bar with more than a dozen choices.

Rocco’s sweet creations will make you smile

The humble shop offers some of the heftiest, most enterprising hand-cut doughnut creations around. Doughnuts from other stores look puny next to these.

Citrus-almond cake

The confident cook

Recipe: Not every Valentine swoons over chocolate, which is where this citrus-almond cake comes in

This cake is an example of the Moorish influences on modern Spanish cooking.

An allergy almost killed her son. Now she’s trying to change Mass. law

Despite making her son’s nut allergy clear to the server, he almost died in a Cambridge restaurant. Now this Sudbury woman is fighting to close the loop on communication with kitchens.

By the Glass

Vivid wines make for a spicy affair, thanks to the team at Oleana

Last month, Oleana chef-owner Ana Sortun and wine director Theresa Paopao hosted a cooking demonstration and wine tasting in Norwood.

‘Just come in and enjoy the food’

At the new Pho Viet’s II in Newton Centre, broth is bubbling in stockpots as a steady stream of customers come in for a bowl of pho to warm away the winter chill.

Getting Salty

A conversation with Karen Akunowicz of Fox & the Knife

Akunowicz attracted fans at the South End’s Myers + Chang, where she won the James Beard Award as Best Chef: Northeast in 2018. Now she has her very own spot.

Brownie muffins

Recipe: For your Valentine, these irresistible little rounds are a cross between a brownie and a muffin

These perfect, thick rounds, baked in muffin tins, behave a little like cookies, but their softer centers, loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts, resemble brownies.

Bittersweet chocolate cheesecake

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Bittersweet chocolate and cheesecake go hand-in-hand for your Valentine

Rich, smooth, and creamy, with a distinct chocolate taste, this cake has a cream cheese batter that bakes on a chocolate-crumb crust pressed into a springform pan.

Milk Street’s Christopher Kimball (right) and his fennel-rosemary porchetta.

Cooking | Magazine

Chris Kimball of Milk Street joins the Globe Magazine’s weekly Cooking column

Check out his recipes for a roast with Italian flavors, an Australian take on pulled pork, and a weeknight-friendly schnitzel.

Outdoor seating at Cultivar, one of many local restaurants to close in recent months.

Why are so many Boston restaurants closing?

It’s the rents. It’s the labor costs. It’s changing tastes. It’s the Trump factor. In short: It’s the perfect storm, and something needs to change.

At Pagu in Cambridge, each dish is more eye-catching than the last.

Globe Magazine

Where to eat in Greater Boston

A selection of recent dining reviews from around the region, by Globe food writers.


Greater Boston author readings Feb. 10 - Feb. 16

A weekly calendar of literary events.

The counter at Pembroke’s Gather.


A gathering place to slow down and share a meal

Gather is on Route 27 in the Bryantville area of Pembroke with its many large lakes and rural feel.

Cambridge’s Café Du Pays has fashioned the lower-level dining area into a cozy lounge.


Tables: Not feeling it this Valentine’s Day? Head to Bukowski Tavern

As part of an anti-Valentine’s party there, you can tape a photo of your ex to a piñata and start smashing. The cathartic affair commences at 6 p.m.

02/06/2019 Cambridge MA. - Ricotta Gnocchi at Luce Restaurant in Cambridge. .Wiggs/Globe StaffReporter:Topic:

Quick Bite

A look at Luce, which is reviving a space with history

With Luce — named for owner Rene Becker’s young daughter — he aims to create a neighborhood place where families can stop in for pasta and pizza.

The sun sets over the Garonne River near Bordeaux, France.

Christopher Muther

Hike, sip, cruise, repeat: A French river cruise offers an active alternative

A French company offers river cruisers the option to explore their surroundings with daily hikes — and a healthy side of wine.

George Ravanis (left), owner of Frank’s Steak House, and dining room manager Rocco Ciarlone.

Frank’s Steak House has been a success for decades. What’s the secret?

As so many hallowed restaurants close around here, I felt as though I should pay my respects to Frank’s Steak House in North Cambridge. Here is an old restaurant that stays stubbornly, proudly in business — complete with a $15 prime rib, soup, vegetable, and dessert before 6 p.m.

Carlson & Turner Books has more than 40,000 volumes neatly filed on its shelves.


Neighborhood on the verge: Portland’s East End comes into its own

The East End’s star is rising. Here are some places to check out.

01/31/2019 BOSTON, MA Brussels sprouts at Whaling in Oklahoma. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

Dining Out

At Whaling in Oklahoma, chef Tim Maslow finds new focus

The former Ribelle chef returns with his own take on Japanese food.

Alex and Inna Khitrik, the mother-and-son-team that owns Inna’s Kitchen In Newton, a take-out shop for frozen and prepared foods. The store recently opened in a new location on Commonwealth Ave., Handout photo from Inna’s Kitchen. The store owner, Alex Khitrik, confirms that the Boston Globe can have permission to use the photo on all platforms and also confirms that Inna’s Kitchen owns the rights to the photo. From left, quinoa tabouli salad, summer squash caviar and hummus. Contributor: Ann Trieger Kurland, 617-763-1128

The soup’s always on at Inna’s, and now you can take it home

The new location in Newton, once a kosher butcher shop, gives them more space and an eco-kosher production kitchen for their catering and wholesale business.


Let this be your only sour note on Valentine’s Day

Spice up your bloody mary with local love from Boston’s Gillo’s Pickles.

Kuhn Rikon Slider Ties

Your life needs these slider ties

Kuhn Rikon Slider Ties, 4½-inch, super-strong silicone loops with an adjustable closure, can be used in a million different ways.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.