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Merengue from Roxbury
Merengue from Roxbury

We can get to know people and experience each others’ culture through food. This has been a frequent refrain of Colette Phillips, the founder of Get Konnected!, a Boston networking group and the host of the fifth annual A Taste of Ethnic Boston on July 31. This year the food festival will be held at Howl at the Moon in Boston’s Financial District ($30) from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The event showcases 15 eateries that cook authentic dishes of their homeland. Phillips created the festival not only to highlight the hidden gems of restaurants scattered throughout Greater Boston’s neighborhoods but also as a way of celebrating the city’s diversity. Sample Afghani qabili palau (rice with lamb, carrots, and raisins) and mantu (steamed meat dumplings) from Ariana Restaurant in Brighton; savor a pork and green rice dish from the Dominican restaurant Merengue in Roxbury; fire up your taste buds with jerk chicken with Haitian black rice cooked by the Caribbean-influenced ZAZ from Hyde Park. Expect specialties from Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant in Dudley Square and the Vietnamese eatery Pho Le from Dorchester. Food trucks will also be serving falafel from CHIKChak, tacos by North East of the Border, as well as Moroccan-style braised beef brisket from Mo’Rockin Fusion. Wash it all down with cold beer: Sam Adams is a sponsor. Also sip the craft beer Brazo Fuerte made by Beverly Armstrong, the first African-American female brewer in the Northeast, who will be there. Some of the proceeds benefit CommonWealth Kitchen in Dorchester, the city’s leading food business incubator. “Look around Boston and more and more you’ll see what Anthony Bourdain brought to us with his TV shows — seemingly exotic tastes that fill us with an understanding of the people who make them,” says Phillips. To register for the event go to