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Jack Cohen (@jackdarylphotography) began taking photos about two and a half years ago in the wake of his father’s passing. It helped Cohen, 40, keep busy on weekends and feel connected to his dad, who had collected old cameras and passionately pursued photography in his youth. Since then, Cohen, who works in the asset-management industry, has moved with his wife from New York to Boston, continued to hone his craft, and watched his Instagram following grow.

Q. How do Boston and New York differ as photography subjects?

A. I find Boston’s community is a bit more welcoming, at least on Instagram. That may just be because I’ve become more proactive with it. I moved to a new city and just sort of looked at people’s Instagram accounts when I moved here to get inspiration. I feel as if there’s a little bit more interacting with people. Boston, there’s more historical charm here than in New York, so it’s interesting to shoot some of the old and new with Boston. Plus the proximity to the seaport — while obviously New York’s surrounded by water, I just feel like you can get really close to the water here.

Q. Your bio says that you’re a “member of @pocket_family.” What does that mean, exactly?

A.That refers to a series of Instagram communities that embrace different themes — the concept is sort of, like, a picture in your pocket. So there’s @pocket_usa,@pocket_waters_,@pocket_sky_. I share my pictures with some of the folks that run that because I like the stuff that they’ve shared and used them for inspiration. After they share a bunch of your pictures, they’ll ask you to become a member. So it’s just another way to build a community.

Q. Where in Boston do you like to shoot?


A. I tend to shoot in the Public Garden a ton; sunrise and sunset in the Garden are great. So many times there are families or couples sitting and watching the sunset or having a picnic on the grass. I like the different sorts of compositions you can get in the Garden. I find it’s really exposed to light, so both sunrise and sunset you can get some good colorful shots. When I lived in New York, Washington Square was where I would always take pictures and where I learned a lot, so the Garden to me is the most reminiscent of that in Boston, and I just love shooting there.

Q. How has photography affected your relationship with the city?

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A. For me, it’s been an incredible bond. I will go out and explore, and even if I never post a picture from the morning or the days exploring, for me it’s been a way to just learn the city. The way I’ve gotten to know the city was through photography and from behind the lens. It’s been sort of a lifeline to learn the city and to connect with people through photography.

Interview was edited and condensed. Terence Cawley can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @terence_cawley