Readers React: ‘This madness has to stop’


In last week’s Ideas section, Max Kutner’s story detailed the ways in which school rankings and the college bribery scandal could be considered linked.

One commentator, who goes by the username “SAD04,” wrote:

“College itself is not a scam. Social inequality and college rankings are the main problems. The US News rankings are corrosive and should be stopped. Certainly these should not be a factor in decision making. Colleges cannot be compared with one another. Maybe broad categories of excellent, very good, etc would do it. Parents believe that their children HAVE to go to top ten, or top twenty, or whatever. Children are put under huge pressure during high school. AP courses are completely ridiculous. College administrators are too highly paid and there are too many of them. Parents’ salaries are too low and estimated family contribution is too high. Parents have to rebel. This madness has to stop.”