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    Readers respond: ‘could these folks be saved with a few Strong-Ties and Sonotubes?’

    Last week’s “A letter from Tornado Country,” by Brantley Hargrove, helped shed light on how “some of the deadliest tornado disasters in history have taken place not on the prairie, but in the densely wooded hills of what storm chasers refer to as “‘Dixie Alley.’”

    One commentator with the username Improvr asked whether there is a cost-effective way to save people before the next storm hits the Southeast:

    “Excellent, well-crafted writing about a little-explored topic. The part about Dr. Strader watching the radar signature of the tornado pass over the locations of mobile homes like the angel of death was particularly chilling. As an engineer, it makes me start thinking about inexpensive methods of anchoring and reinforcing that could be introduced into the building code for mobile homes. I mean, could these folks be saved with a few Strong-Ties and Sonotubes?”