Drawn to Judah Friedlander’s new book

Fans of “30 Rock’’ know that comedian Judah Friedlander, who played gross-out king Frank Rossitano (he of the not-really-sun-tea fame), is a funny guy but who knew he could draw? Well, turns out he kind of can’t.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Judah Friedlander in his signature trucker hat and “World Champion” shirt.

But in “If Raindrops United,’’ his just released short collection of comic drawings and cartoons, Friedlander serves up a series of somewhat crudely-rendered (or perhaps primitive, for all you art history majors) images, married with captions or short story lines on a variety of subjects — not surprisingly genitals and other body parts figure prominently. But the result is offbeat and often funny.

Friedlander will discuss his book Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. Tickets for the event, sponsored by Harvard Book Store, are $5 and there will be a book signing.


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drawings by Judah Friedlander, from “If The Raindrops United”