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Victor Miranda

The photos Victor Miranda posts to his @miranda.illustrations account depict familiar elements of Boston in unconventional ways. Miranda, a 42-year-old law-firm clerk and Boston native, will shoot a T station from the perspective of an ant on a bench or point his lens straight up at a skyscraper for a disorienting portrait. Miranda says that what he’s doing now on Instagram differs greatly from his original plan.

Q. How did you get started with Instagram?

A. I took some classes in photography. I have an art background, so I took some in high school and in art school — my major was illustration. My time is limited now because I work full time, and I don’t really have time to do my illustration work. So, I started doing photography again because I can produce more work more quickly and easily. My Instagram was going to be for my illustration work, [but] I have, like, one illustration on it, and then I just started posting photography on it. It motivates me to try to produce work more frequently.

Q. Your profile picture is a drawing of Mayor McCheese. What’s the story behind that?

A. I like the illustration. It’s one of my later works. I just like how it looks. I was trying to figure out something to fill that space, and I just put that in and thought, “Oh, that works.”

Q. You take a lot of shots looking upward at tall buildings. What is it you like about shooting from that angle?


A. I started looking for distortion because I started doing panoramic photography but going vertical instead of the normal horizontal. I liked the distortion of that; I looked for patterns or textures in buildings. I don’t have an architecture background, but I like the visual aspect of buildings, so that drew me in. I’m into retro architecture, so I have some diner shots because I like that architectural time period of the ’50s and ’60s.

Q. A lot of your photos prominently feature black space, often surrounding shots of buildings. Why?

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A. Sometimes, I like to isolate the building that I’m interested in. I would block out the other buildings surrounding the subject; it’s mostly for design purposes.

Q. How has getting into photography changed your life?

A. I’m producing work more frequently. I’m trying to shoot pictures and do photography as my artwork for now, and it motivates me to do it more. It’s another avenue of producing work, to express myself. Also, there are a lot of people I follow, and I look at their work, and it motivates me as well.

Interview was edited and condensed. Terence Cawley can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @terence_cawley