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Tom Curry

Endicott College grad Tom Curry’s photography makes the Boston Public Library look looming and mysterious. In fact, all the photos on his Instagram account, @tcurryfilms, have that effect — from a brownstone doorfront to the beaches of Beverly, his images, with their bold composition and sense of movement, evoke a sense of grandeur. The 23-year-old Pittsfield native now lives in the South End and is trying to make a go of it as a freelance photographer and videographer.

Q. Your degree from Endicott is in sports management, and you’re a self-taught photographer. How did you first get involved in photography and videography?

A. In 2014, I started a year-long project with my sister called “Berkshire Insight.” I wanted to make a documentary-style nature film about where I grew up, Berkshire County, because a lot of people think that Massachusetts ends at Springfield, and there’s a lot more to the western side. The video ended up getting over 100,000 views on Facebook, and I got more confidence and started doing some more photos and videos. I created a following on Instagram and did sorority-recruitment videos, which led to doing a semester-long internship with a video-production team in California. By the time I really got into photography in my junior year of college, it was too late to change my major. So, I’ve had to learn everything through YouTube and through my friends and trial-and-error.

Q. Which do you prefer, photography or videography?

A. I prefer video because I like telling stories, but then I also really love to take photos. So that’s a big decision that I’m trying to make now: if I want to go toward video or if I want to stay with photo.

Q. You released a new video, called “The Beauty of Boston, Massachusetts” on your Instagram about a month ago. What is it about?


A. For the first week after I moved into Boston in July, I was kind of traveling around the city, taking pictures and videos. One day, someone came up to me on Commonwealth Avenue and suggested I make a video about the city. I agreed, and so for the next three weeks I went out every day to shoot my daily walks around Boston. It’s along the same style as “Berkshire Insight.”

Q. How do you think using Instagram as a platform will help you develop your career in photography and videography?

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A. Word of mouth has been a big way I’ve attracted more followers, and people have started tagging their friends in my photos’ comments, too. I would love to be a travel videographer. I did that for about a month, and I fell in love with the process of getting on a plane and waking up five hours later in a completely different location and state of mind.

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