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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is losing a squad member

Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”
John P. Fleenor/Fox/Universal Television
Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

NBC quickly rescued “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” after Fox canceled it. The new, sixth season will premiere at some point midseason, with NBC already upping the season order from 13 to 18 episodes.

And that’s great, but “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fans are being dealt a small blow in the meantime. Chelsea Peretti, who plays the fantastically cold and caustic Gina Linetti, has announced that she is leaving the show. She will depart at some point during the season, but she’s expected to return at points in the future as a guest star.

Peretti tweeted out the news, writing, “B99 fans. Hiiiiiiiiiiii. Chelsea Peretti, here. I won’t be doing a full season of Brooklyn Nine Nine in Season 6. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back, winky face emoji, heart emoji. I want to thank you for the hours you spent watching Gina be Gina: confident, idiotic-but-smart, pithy, and infused with rhythm and cell-phone radiation.”


Gina has never been a central figure on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” But her tartness has helped keep the comedy sharp, in opposition to the more endearing Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. She has been an essential member of the ensemble, with her attitude-drenched zingers. Dan Goor tweeted that “from the moment Mike Schur and I decided to create this show, we wanted Chelsea Peretti to be part of it, and she always will be.”

I’m not sure why Peretti, like Emmy Rossum of “Shameless,” feels the need to let us know so far in advance that she’s departing. I suppose she wants to deliver the news, rather than see it leak out through some other source. But sometimes, it’s more powerful to take viewers by surprise. Josh Charles did it when he left “The Good Wife,” and it was a great kick.

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