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Returning ‘Insecure’ stays true to the script

Issa Rae and Y’lan Noel in “Insecure.”
Merie W. Wallace/HBO
Issa Rae and Y’lan Noel in “Insecure.”

There are still a few summer treats on the way, including the return of HBO’s “Insecure” on Sunday night at 10:30 p.m.

The comedy will be a little different this time around. Last season, the show focused on three main characters, Issa (show creator Issa Rae), Molly (the fantastic Yvonne Orji), and Lawrence (Jay Ellis). This season, despite a fan campaign, Lawrence will not be on the show.

I get it. He was a richly developed character, whose rejection by Issa sent him in complex new directions, and Ellis played him with an appealingly light touch backed up by some buried emotional issues. But now that Issa and Lawrence are no longer involved, and have found some closure, he has no clear purpose in the story line. “Insecure” is, ultimately, Issa’s story. The show is about her voyage out, and keeping Lawrence on the scene would have implied that they might yet get back together, that it was a will-they-or-won’t-they kind of series.


This season, Issa will be staying on the couch of the guy she cheated on Lawrence with — Daniel, played by Y’lan Noel. And yes, she is on the couch, and not in the bed. Issa is slowly finding her way, while Molly, still involved with a married man, contends with the workplace politics in her new job at an all-black law firm. I’m looking forward.

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