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Viceland series offers another angle on the opioid crisis

“American Junkie” will follow recovering addicts in South Florida.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images/file
“American Junkie” will follow recovering addicts in South Florida.

Viceland is going ahead with a documentary series about the opioid crisis called “American Junkie.” From filmmaker Pat McGee, it will be 10 episodes and premiere on Sept. 12.

The show is set in South Florida, and it follows two recovering addicts, Allie and Frank. They’re trying to help other addicts find help, rescuing them from the streets and guiding them away from corrupt rehab facilities and sober houses.

“Addiction is a faceless disease that does not discriminate,” McGee said in a statement. “We wanted ‘American Junkie’ to speak the truth about the opioid epidemic — yes 80 percent of addicts will relapse, but we found a couple of warriors in Frankie and Allie who don’t give up on addicts. They don’t care about the stats; they’re out there dealing hope.”


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