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CBS plans a celebrity version of ‘Big Brother’

Regular host Julie Chen will also appear on the celebrity edition.
Regular host Julie Chen will also appear on the celebrity edition.

Perhaps you know that I am not a big fan of “Big Brother” — not the George Orwell character and not the TV show. And I don’t plan to become a fan of the forthcoming celebrity edition of “Big Brother,” either. Oh go ahead, CBS, throw in Dustin Diamond and Janice Dickinson and Carrot Top and maybe even a Lohan or a Kardashian — it won’t help.

CBS plans to run the celebrity version of the show this coming winter. The shortened season will include multiple episodes each week and a 24/7 live feed available on the streaming service CBS All Access. That will all be before next summer’s regular “Big Brother” season, which will be its 20th.

And don’t worry, “Big Brother” devotees. Julie Chen will, of course, be hosting the celebrity edition. She’ll be there for you.


By the way, other countries have already aired celebrity versions of the show, with the United Kingdom having just aired its 20th season. In previous years, the UK celebrity edition has featured Pamela Anderson, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin, Perez Hilton, and Ivana Trump.

No word yet on casting for the American version. But as Chen said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s not going to be all Oscar winners.”

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