In just over a week, Mass. voters will select a new governor. Here's an in-depth look at two candidates.

After the disappointing end to his gubernatorial bid in 2010, Charlie Baker hugged his running mate, Richard Tisei, at their election night party.

After 2010, Charlie Baker’s business options rich with complications

A review of Baker’s career over the past four years found he leveraged his connections in business and politics with ease.

Martha Coakley delivered the concession speech to her Senate run in January 2010.

Back as AG, Martha Coakley rebuilt her name

Over the past four years, Coakley has been at the forefront of the foreclosure crisis, domestic violence, and Medicaid fraud.

Yvonne Abraham

Don’t call gubernatorial race just yet

If Martha Coakley does lose, it will not be because she took this race for granted, or didn’t work hard enough.

// Baker, Coakley weigh in on the Mass. economy

The gubernatorial candidates addressed casino gambling, energy, housing, and the film tax credit.


World Series isn’t what it used to be

I blame no one. It’s evolution. Baseball is too long and slow for modern attention spans.

Chasing Bayla

Duxbury spent $128 million on a new high school.

Kevin Cullen

When the absence of truth creates a vacuum

The firing of Duxbury’s Harry Taylor is a case study in how not to handle a small-town scandal.

Hubway bikes in Boston can be rented later this winter and earlier next spring.

Starts & Stops

Boston extends bike-sharing season

The city plans to keep Hubway operating through December, then reopen the system in March.

All Things Catholic | John L. Allen Jr.

Oscars for the 2014 Synod of Bishops

It’s time to recognize the best performances from two weeks that shook the Catholic world.


mbrace your inner Scarlett O’Hara or Rhett 

 and get “
Gone With the Wind

On Halloween, houses for sale with lots of character

Odds are, there’s a house for sale in the area that seems tailor-made for your lifestyle — or your fantasy personas at least.